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What are the examples of AI and ML incorporated in mobile app testing?

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asked Jun 23, 2017
We keep hearing bringing AI to mobile app testing involves adding intelligence to the testing process altogether. But what exactly are some fine examples of AI in testing?

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Great question. Currently, the typical way of testing is to have test cases converted to scripts and the scripts are maintained to be able to provide consistently decision-making reports. One of the core important parts of AI and ML is the ability to understand the differences. For example: Since the majority of apps in Play store goes through various design iterations which mean the name, properties, input, and behavior keeps changing. One of the way testings is incorporated with technology is to understand the changes and still continue testing while the changes are kept informed. At AppAchhi, the bot exercises the elements of the apps and build a pattern to test.

The bot is improving, learning and will be able to assess the app deeper in the coming years!
answered Jun 29, 2017 (390 points)
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