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Why will an app get crashed? And how is it related to performance

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asked Jun 23, 2017 (160 points)

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Thanks for asking this question.

There are various reason why an app might get crashed. And one of the reasons is also, Performance. 

App crashes are basically that impacts users the most. Since a user might be performing very important activities such as checkout or downloading a file. Crash would halt the app from doing anything. It is both business and tech critical.

These are some common crash exception that is being faced by the programmers

Functional crashes

Example: Nullpointerexception

This happens when an application refers to an object that does not exist or null. This way app does not know what should be the next action or task. Then the application abruptly stops.

Crashes due to Memory and Network:

Example: OoM (OutofMemory)

This is very common in mobile apps due to unavailability of physical memory for the app to run & also indicates that the app memory handling is not efficient. One of the reasons this happens is when an object allocated are not eligible for GC (Garbage Collector), we call this memory leak. Multiple objects that get stacked up and there is no more memory for the app to run. 

You can find the crashes in this report: 

Here are few other problems listed:

  • Large Bitmaps
  • Loops 
  • Network calls
  • Background process

One of a way to uncover Crashes is by simulating conditions, low form factor devices, networks. 

AppAchhi has build-in the technology right into the reports that would get generated for your app. Running apps under stressful conditions has helped us to help developers find crashes that would occur under various circumstances.

Do check out the report with Conditions and Networks:


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answered Jun 23, 2017 (390 points)