• Expand your testing scope. Find bugs that were never found before. Test across networks, devices and conditions in minutes!
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Multi Device Testing

Run tests specific to devices

Testers are good with showcasing device coverage and with AppAchhi, you can present and customize the devices based on hardware, versions & run the right tests on the right device to uncover issues. Simply powerful

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Multi Network Testing

Test with different network speeds

Customize your tests to run on real 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFi network. Get coverage report and analysis specific to networks. Quickly glance to identify network risks, crashes and failures due to network.

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Condition Testing

Never ignore the corner cases

Integrated with LOW RAM, Orientation simulation. AppAchhi helps you to foresee the app behavior on a device with very low RAM, while switched between orientations and background process. Report in-efficient areas of the app to the developers.

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Custom Flows

Create and run your own tests

Define your regression test suite, functional tests and performance tests, Upload your test-scripts and monitor them individually. AppAchhi’s custom flows makes it a great companion for business, content related applications. Ensure management of test suites.

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Share Reports

Engage with the entire team

One click share button and sharable link just like your Google drive

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