• The App Quality Dashboard gives you instant feedback on your app's test results across the most important parameters.
    With our Build Comparison see how your app quality has improved over time. Identify issues in new releases before your user does. The Competitor Benchmarking feature enables you to see how you are doing against your competitor apps on 27 different parameters, all in the same report!.
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Chhi Score

Drive your decisions with Chhi Score

Chhi Score let’s you understand how your app is performing across parameters letting Product owners, developers and testers to brainstorm, optimize and streamline the process avoiding release delays.

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Test Coverage

Measure your testing

Knowing the kind of tests, conditions and networks is crucial for your app. Bring visibility and understand your app’s quality. AppAchhi’s parallel measurement of functional and performance let’s you isolate what’s most important to you. Match your goals and improve your release cycles.

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Build Comparison

Compare your builds

100+ Git pushes? Too many code changes and every change will impact users experience. Compare all the builds & learn which performed better. Build comparison let’s you quickly revert those changes of builds which performed well. Stay consistent and improve your app downloads.

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AI Test Bot

Test like a real user without scripts

Bot quickly explores the app and gets deeper to analyze your app performance running unique paths for each test. Bot identifies crashes with steps, screenshots and logs that are reported post live.

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What to Fix?

Get actionable insights

Analyzed reports to get started with your bugfixes. All the functional and performance issues have been categorized with details that pin-points the failures and risks. For example: You can understand which activity consumed the most memory out of 100s of tests across devices.

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Competitor Benchmarking

Stay informed and ahead of your competitors

See who are your competitors. Filtered from the same category and download size, your app is benchmarked across 20,000+ apps.

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Install & Launch Tests

Get your basics right

Test for compatibility of your app across manufacturers, OS versions, screen-sizes, CPU, Memory and GPU types. Our combination of devices ensures you get the right package to get started.

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