• See where your app crashes with the actual Stack Trace, Screenshots, Memory, CPU & Network Graphs and Logcat logs. Find out why your app is slow, identify the actual methods that are delaying your app and get insights on how to fix them

    Use our detailed Network Monitoring to see large network requests and slow backend servers. Identify 3rd Party SDKs that are slowing down your app. Identify Memory Consuming Objects and optimize them. See how much time your app spends in Garbage Collection and reduce your GCs

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App Speed

Profile your methods

Measure entry and exit of every method with CPU time. You can now drill down and trace back which method was responsible for the delay. Optimize your UI thread, Database execution time, network connection time.

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Network Requests Profiling

Profile every server calls

Manage your network calls, check if the image size or the response times are too large. Sort by Domains, URLs, Type of file and a beautiful waterfall model. Profiled for each test, you will be able to pinpoint which features in your app is network expensive.

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Memory Analysis

Avoid using excessive part of the hardware

Memory leaks are often very difficult to identify but understanding the root cause and signs of memory leaks can help you optimize the app beforehand. Memory details with Freeze time, Free% of memory, GCs and explicitly defined in the code will be revealed.

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Logs & Screenshots

Debugging made easier

Screenshots, clicks, Crashlogs, ADB logs and logcat logs are captured for each result so you don’t have to reproduce the steps yourself to understand the user flows.

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Custom Flows

Create and run your own tests

Define your regression test suite, functional tests and performance tests, Upload your test-scripts and monitor them individually. AppAchhi’s custom flows makes it a great companion for business, content related applications. Ensure management of test suites.

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