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  • Install time: Icon 57.00 Sec
  • Launch time: Icon 1.19 Sec
  • Application size: Icon 23.34 MB
  • Last tested on : 11/06/2017
  • Build ID
    :   v7.6.3.15453
  • Chhi Score
    :   4.1
  • Change Rate
    :   +32.26 %

What to fix?

Utilization of Memory is close to the threshold.

Utilization of CPU is close to the threshold.

Do not initialize objects that aren't necessary during launch times. Moving to singleton pattern helps

Below 10 MB approach would increase app installs in crowded markets such as India, China and Russia!

Testability: Providing login / sign-up details could very well improve depth of bot clicks

Follow simple UI hierarchy by reducing nested layouts to Relative layouts.

Coverage: Android version coverage for reports will range between 5.1.1 to 7.1.2

Upload APKs with and without 3rd Party SDKs to monitor and optimize the impact of app performance

Optimize the app to render elements at 60 FPS for buttery smooth experience.

Printing logs on callbacks would make debugging easy for tests run in our platform

Fix & Optimize launch time using Flatbuffers for storage and rendering performance.

Fix Oncreate() if the launch time is exceeding more than 3.2 secs. Try deflating views and layouts to optimize.

Caching: Use LruCache for data caching to optimize memory usage

There is high probability of identifying risks running the apps with conditions

27.25 MB of App Dalvik utilized by activity com.remind101.ui.activities.WelcomeActivity. View details

Avoid wake-locks in background, using Batch and schedulers APIs such as GCM, Job schedulers could reduce wake-locks

The app's CPU score has improved by 64% compared to build v7.5.0.15310! Good job!

The app's Memory score has improved by 36.67% compared to build v7.5.0.15310! Good job!

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This app is ranked #317 in Education