Options and options and more options – We live in an age where for everything we do, buy, eat or travel we have options.In the digital age, we are inundated by other people’s opinions. For food, we can choose from various websites that give you reviews and help you choose, same goes for travel or even when you want to buy your first car.

It almost is quite a daunting task when you read  reviews because just one negative review can you set you aback and can make you rethink.

This is your reaction to it.

More and more consumers are adapting to consult reviews before making any purchasing decisions. In the olden days, personal recommendations were the key to influence a buyer’s decisions, but because we now live in a digital world, today these decisions are influenced by business reviews.
Eighty-three percent of online respondents in 60 countries say they trust the recommendations of friends and family, according to the Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Report released.
What if we can encompass these factors and can get reviews directly from people we know. Have you noticed the contact list on your phone, the number of people you know is already quite extensive what if these people can help you?
We are in conversation with Krishna Patil and Sandip Patil who have cracked the confusion behind reviews and made life easier(read more reliable).

Introducing Feebayk – An App for reliable reviews.

When it comes to purchasing a new – and sometimes expensive – cars, motorcycles or mobile phones, it helps to seek advice from others who have experience with it. After all, asking somebody directly who owns or has used what you’re about to purchase is the best way to get feedback!
Feedbayk is Android’s #1 community driven feedback app. It makes it quick and simple for you to get impartial advice from your friends (phone contacts) & genuine users about the product you are thinking about purchasing – it’s your ultimate buying guide for vehicles and smartphones!
Krishna and Sandip were friends for eight years before they started a venture together called schoolhunt.in.

The journey:
“The idea for Feedbayk App came while we were working on our earlier startup: www.schoolhunt.in. While working on Schoolhunt we encountered 2 problems:
1) Parents actually wanted to talk to other parents to take feedback instead of relying on reviews
2) Parent’s whose kid is studying in a school where not willing to write online reviews but were willing to share their feedback somebody approached them in a one-to-one interaction
While thinking on how do we resolve these problems, we understood that these problems were common for most of the online reviews.”

Every person’s phone has hundreds of contacts & this is your actual network. You have curated these contacts & decided to add to your phone because they are important. It could be your friends, families, colleagues etc. The most important thing, these phone contacts are also a huge source of information. All our contacts may be owning different Cars/Bikes/Mobiles/Electronic gadgets, must have read different books, visited different places, worked in different companies, enrolled their kids in different schools & the list goes on. Even our contacts are willing to share their feedback about the products they use if you call or message them directly but they must have not written any online review for you to refer. But the problem is you might know who from your friends actually owns the product which you plan to buy.

Therefore to summarize, we have 3 problems:

  • Online reviews are confusing & we can’t trust them completely
  • We don’t know the exact person from our friends whom we can contact who owns the product which we intend to buy
  • We all want to help our friends with our feedback but we don’t like writing online reviews

 How does the Feedbayk work?

To solve these problems we created Feedbayk. Feedbayk is an Android App which helps exchange feedback about a product through a simple chat with your friends. You can call it WhatsApp for reviews & feedback. We have launched the App for Cars, Bikes & Mobile Phones currently and will expand to other categories soon

If you own a Car, Bike & a Mobile phone then you need to just specify the same on the App & then any of your friends can contact you to get feedback through a chat. The important point to note here is that you don’t need to write any online review, it’s just one-to-one chat.

So, now no need to write lengthy online reviews to share your feedback or no need to get confused after going through multiple online reviews.

Technical Aspects: Up days and down days

The app that was published recently did have its own share of technical glitches. The initial days were not so merry .

“We learnt the importance of testing the app thoroughly the hard way.When we first launched the app to public few months ago, we didn’t test it thoroughly”

The price they had to pay for it was rather heavy as they they playstore ratings went from 4.9 to 4.2

From that day onwards we never release the app before thoroughly testing it internally & then with few of our closed beta users. We also used the Appachhi platform (free trial) for testing our app after we learnt our lesson the hard way. The best part about Appachhi was the ease of using the platform & the speed of getting the results. It helped us to identify & resolve few more bugs before releasing our updated version.. There was a critical bug in the app which costed us a few thousand rupees.

That was surely a lesson learned by the Patils as they have released the latest version of the App by testing it thoroughly.

The current scene :

The new version of the app is out on the playstore and they are getting inbound traffic and enquiries from reputed VC firms in the country .

We see Feedbayk App becoming a de-facto app for the people to get feedback before taking any purchase decision. The possibilities are endless for this app. But right now our focus is just on getting the initial critical mass of the users to get the network effects to kick-in says Krishna .

Our Feedbayk:

As Krishna suggests even we do agree that Feedbayk has the potential to capture the minds of a lot of people especially in a country where word of mouth is still regarded as the best review.

Here are cheers for better feedbacks.