Food is never out of fashion, come recession ,come war, come storm. In fact some of the best dishes and restaurants were invented in such situations .The biryani and the pav bhaji were poor mans food during war. Can you even imagine the biryani to be poor man food! That’s the thing about food , technique changes, taste remains the same , audience remains the same.

The food industry has changed since time immemorial, today the number of food ordering apps have increased and has also seen great scope. These apps have made our lives simpler and have also helped smaller restaurants. They have tracked us down and the hotels nearby small and big and made sure hungry stomachs are filled. The likes of swiggy have broken the minimum order barrier and have made food delivery easier . We also have apps like fresh menu that purely works on an online model with no offline store.

For restaurants, the online platforms have helped increase their reach and this additional business source has improved their resource utilization.

All this being said 2016 saw the shut down of many such apps and lay offs of many food app companies yet we have another 200 food technology start ups in our country. The consumer experience is not to be taken for granted keeping in mind he has got many other choices.

A consumer needs reasons beyond discounts and sales to choose a swiggy over a food panda, a zomato review over a fresh menu. The chi score of each of these apps I have noticed is average and needs lot more attention.

A consumer experience is much more than what we see , retaining a consumer is where the competition is. With a million updates from these food apps and the usage of memory you might just see yourself uninstalled.

There are different factors that influence the end experience of a consumer,and when I see the reports all I see is that most of these apps at a risk. I have installed and uninstalled around 5 – 6 apps on my phone and No I have not re installed any of them. Why , because I have options and you are in my way eating up my storage space with every update. Technology can only be an enabler. Traditional businesses when faced with efficiency/productivity issues, technology can help reduce or eliminate inefficiencies but cannot replace the fundamental business model. Most technology start-ups seem to forget this and unfortunately investors seem to sideline this fact, hence the bubble.

End note:

Dear food app developer’s founders your doing a good job in this market but some more TLC for the app you created will do some magic may be.