I haven’t read a single line of my product code. That tells I am not the guy to look at it and I have my co-founder who perhaps knows every line of it. My co-founder and techzy CTO is in Australia visiting his brother and enjoying a bit of Australia as an entire family with his parents and his brother’s family. Such a nice thing to do. I am glad he is doing it. It would definitely be a very memorable experience.

Only one flip side – I am handling things on the ground all alone. Of course he is available on calls and other stuff but nothing matches him being in Bangalore, with me.

The journey through the weeks

  • First week : I kinda think he is just on some short leave.
  • Second week : Reality hits in. Some work happens. We do some calls. We have some email exchanges.
  • Third week : Some issues come up. Would have really loved if he was here. Nothing can be done now. I make some decisions and move on.
  • Fourth week : I have a feeling it is almost getting over so that is good.
  • Fifth week : (which hasn’t come yet) : He will be back and the other good news is he would bring me whiskey. A lot of meetings will happen between us. First hour would be fun discussions and then work will set in.
  • Sixth week : (thinking…) We would have got the speed back on track.

Hoping to welcome him back and the New Year – together.