Now this is a tricky one. I am a woman and I like shopping and more than that I love,love love window shopping.

I feel good about looking at all the brands ,different clothes, styles etc etc. So what I have on my phone is 4 shopping apps. I am a subscriber member on each of them and they keep sending me messages and pop notifications . They tell me about different deals and offers. No they don’t care about my bank balance but still so many offer that’s love too you know.

I go through these offers and go the landing page check their collection and go ga ga about it. That’s about it. Its not like I buy everytime. Then why do I have 4 of these shopping apps. Well that’s because I don’t want to miss on anything.

Its like the daily soap, they always leave you with something to come back the next day. Same audience here and there. It’s a girly thing.

Do I know its taking my memory space, my battery is getting drained because of this, YES. I know all that, but the fact that I have it on my phone makes me nice.

I have a Flipkart, a Myntra, an Amazon and a Snapdeal. The basic four shopping apps in our country. What its doing to my phone is actually kind off brutal.

Lets see what these are doing and also which of these apps are actually less ferocious.



Well Flipkart and my CPU are clearly not getting along ,let me check the other three.






APPNAME CPU MEMORY NETWORK Chances to be uninstalled from my phone:
FLIPKART My heart just broke. Not yet taken all the memory Cant shop if I am in the parking lot. Network issues here..major network issues here Very high

First thing I will do after this.

AMAZON Almost breaking Not yet taken all the memory He doesnot want me to shop either. Well..cant say
SNAPDEAL Well,still breathing Not yet taken all the memory Not so much of an issue,yet. Your staying dear one
MYNTRA A moment away from breaking. Not yet taken all the memory Wants me to shop. Please fix your app soon, I might uninstall.


So the verdict is that Snapdeal stays , flipkart is taking quite a toll on my phone and yours too. The other two apps are just on the border line towards a high risk.

Snapdeal has actually gone through a good change along with their logo etc, the new version is more healthy than the previous ones.

The other apps have a lot more to work on,having said that I still will say that these shopping apps are also as addictive like I earlier said ,its like a daily soap.

But there is always a finale, so may the best one win.

PS: I am uninstalling flipkart for sure, but the other three may be another time. Hoping they will do less harm to my phone.