Not the normal Saturday for sure, last Saturday I went for the ‘ THE BIG BUG THEORY TESTATHON- by Vebbler Technologies’. This was one exciting event and also one that helped testers socialize and well strut their stuff.

Vebbler is an upcoming photo-sharing app that enables groups of people to share photos and videos in real-time at parties, holidays, weddings and other occasions.  Imagine clicking that group picture and everyone already has it. No more making a group, loading the pics, then downloading and then still begging the ones who have not sent to please upload.

They have already crossed a million users over 119 countries. To make things better they on their way to launch a much cooler 2.0 version of the app.

Vebbler as a product is quite complex and they wanted to make the app as consumer centric as possible to play along with the other international counterparts. The purpose of the event was to test the upcoming version of the App for critical bugs and loopholes in Functionality, Security, and Design.

This is the first event Vebbler has arranged and they most definitely going to have some more in the coming years.

The participants were also later awarded in four various categories.

  • The Bazinga Award

  • The Big Design / UI Bug

  • The Big Security Bug

  • The Big Functionality Bug

With close to 20 active participants the testathon began and continued for 4 hours.

The participants were expected to pull out as many bugs as possible and the versatile they got the better. When  asked about his expectation from the app Founder Sahil Bhagat says “The idea is to break the app, to come up with more design related bugs, someone who sees the app for the first time is going to be unbiased”

The participants took this very seriously and also had a gala time”It’s a great venture and a place to network with fellow testers, I hope it happens the following years” says Abheek Tripathi a participant working with Accenture.  The Bazinga Award was given to Appachhi Technologies for the maximum number of valid bugs on both Android and iOS.

The event was followed by high tea and the award ceremony.

We were really excited about this event and are looking forward to it in the following years.