Retaining users for your mobile application is one area that a lot of brands struggle with. The reasons for deleting an app can vary from personal reason to app-related reasons. Increasing competition has also played a crucial role in retaining an app in our mobile phones.
According to a study made by localytics in  2016 , 23% of users abandoned an app after one use. Roughly one year later they found the number has grown to 24% of users.
We were looking out for some answers ourselves about the same: Three reasons for app abandonment

Bhagyashree Patkar

(Software Associate – Capgemini Technology Services India Ltd)

  1. When they no longer provide me what I need
  2. Difficult UI
  3. Consume my storage space



Abhinav Tyagi 

(Principle consultant – Genpact Headstrong Capital Market)
1. Not serving the purpose for which it is developed.
2. Bad UI and ergonomics of the app.
3. Battery drain.

Abilash Hari

1. Too many background tasks.The apps are poorly designed and does not work according to the principal.
2. Too many inputs demanded from the users. I have used lot of apps. There are 100s of apps that “asks” me do a lot of things,like  entering and uploading some documents. It’s a overhead and the apps are left unused since it’s a lot of things to be asked by the users. “Mobile apps are meant to reduce the input being small and powerful needs to be used differently”
3. Design and interactivity. While there are billions of apps in the playstore. We end up using 200 apps (max) to achieve our day to day tasks. These apps either are really necessary (ola, we can’t abandon it) but we can’t help with the battery consumption either.  Example here is Snapchat.

At what stage do app developers abandon the making of an app

Cyril Pillai

(Android Developer at m.Paani.)

  1. For me, ‘Procrastination’ is the biggest cause of app abandonment. I have abandoned a lot of side projects and I really hate myself for that.
  2. I have been thinking of revamping & open sourcing on the app I was working on but haven’t been able to do it because of other priorities.
  3. ‘Motivation’ is also a reason of app abandonment. The first app that I made was a keyboard app  and I was really dedicated towards providing updates, pushed feature enhancements in the first week itself. But, the app didn’t get as much traction as I expected and thus I stopped enhancing the app as I got demotivated.