I recently travelled to my hometown after a really long time, its actually located at a remote area in Kerala . Everything was fine except for one thing , no network , no connection whatsoever.When I asked a few locales they told me things like “You see that banyan tree , you can get it there”My reaction was not that great but I headed there anyways . It looked like a call centre of its own kind,there were actually people moving around to get the network or talking on the phone .I did finally find some connection to send a mail and also a few calls were made. Me and my husband called that banyan tree ‘the 4G tree’. How many of us have faced these issues , I bet a lot of us have in different places in our country.

Mobile Phone Network issues have been there forever and when you do get stuck in such an issue you want some solution quickly,Two gentle men came up with a solution and not just some solution they came up with the best.Presenting to you Tiktik the app.

Where did the idea come from?

Tiktik is founded by two friends, Y Ravi & Anil Kumar. Y Ravi is a graduate from IIT Delhi & IIM Bangalore, while Anil holds an MCA from Andhra University. Y Ravi quit as a marketing head at a leading telecom to co-found tiktik, while Anil has considerable experience at a top chip company.

For a country of our size, there cannot be just one best network, there can be a best network for your mohallaand this changes by the mile”, says Y Ravi, co-founder of tiktik.

Tiktik is India’s first telecom network comparison platform for your locality.


What does the App do ?

tiktik (https://app.tiktik.in) analyses the publicly available operator information on TRAI portal to present a simple five-star rating for all networks in your locality.. If you find you are stuck on the wrong network, you can switch networks on a single tap.

That sounds great and what if I would like to recharge ?

On the recharge front, tiktik sources the best “made-for-me” offers from your operator through their proprietary technology. Unlike payment apps, the offers are given by the operator directly, so you can be assured of the correct benefit. These special offers provide minimum 30% more value compared to the market recharges you buy on payment apps. What more, you can compare the special offers from all your SIMs before you recharge on the app.

You should be able to buy a new SIM card on tiktik soon.

Technology used to develop the app :

The app looks so simple to use, but believe you me, the tech behind it isn’t so. Just like weather API, we have built a network API which we can integrate with other apps says Anil.

Hows it going so far?

Tiktik is launched only a few weeks ago and has witnessed good consumer traction with a 4.8 rating on Play Store. The bootstrapped startup is advanced discussions with a couple of investors to raise their first investment

Commenting on why India needs tiktik, Y Ravi says, “Consumer trust in telecom is broken, tiktik attempts to fix it”. This resonates with what Sunil Mittal, GSMA chairman said in his keynote address at MWC2017, “The reputation index of telecom industry is just above tobacco.

This is a wakeup call, tiktik attempts to empower a billion telecom users in India through better transparency. Wishing the team all the luck .