In the ever-changing market where we operate today, people are constantly looking to upgrade their skills when it comes to technology; and with apps deciding the future of almost every business, Android application development training seems to be the most sought after.Now is probably the best time for developers, There are officially more mobile devices than people in this world. With companies becoming a mobile-first company and increasing connectivity, career in Android Development has become one of the hottest career choices.

Co-created by Google, this Nanodegree Program is perfect for those with basic knowledge of Java and object-oriented language. In conversation with us we have Ashesh Bharadwaj who happens to be an Android Nanodegree forum mentor at Udacity.

Let us first talk The Indian Market for Android Developers right now?

Recently it was in the news that India overtook US to become second largest smartphone market. In past few years we have seen phone launch spree which tells how important Indian market has become for mobile manufactures.

I think it’s a great time to be an app developer in India.

So all those who would like to pursue this as a career , this is it .

The Android Developer Certification by Google, how beneficial is it?

We all need benchmarks to set goals and achieve it.  Android Developer Certification by Google is a benchmark which broadcast to others about our level of knowledge as well as it helps us to build confidence about our acquired knowledge.

What are the things a developer must do to stay in the loop ?

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  • I am also an active member of the GDG (Google Developer Groups) Delhi which helps me to keep in touch with fellow developers. In fact I would recommend everyone to join the GDG in their area.

What are the things a freelance developer must keep in mind?

  • The best way to start freelancing is to find a job nearby you and grow from there. Make contacts with right people. Let them know you are available for work. There are various websites who provide the platform to freelancers but I haven’t used any lately so can’t recommend.
  • You  need a good time tracker so that we can bill our clients accurately
  •  A good online meeting/communication tool.
  • Try and Sometimes use a different tool depending on the geolocation of the client.

Tell us about the App testing space

Like I said about the Developer space in India I can also see the testing space in India booming as ever, Thanks to the current market scenario. Of course, all the Apps require a thorough testing.

I mostly rely on focused beta group testing. For example, for one of my app “NSE Portfolio Manager”, I went to a finance group on the Facebook and I requested members to join in for the testing. It not only helped me to fix bugs but I got some wonderful suggestions too.Also, the Appachhi platform is very promising especially the AI use of testing.

What Inspired you?

I was fascinated by the power of the computers to achieve what we humans can’t.  This is what attracted me toward computers. I have been programming now for more than decade but still there is so much excitement and adventure.  As the technology is moving on I am also enjoying the joy ride. Currently I am working on Android app development and it’s great to see how mobile and personal data consumption space is growing around us.

Good days and Bad days: It’s going to be a roller coaster

Over the years I have worked on various projects ranging from Windows Desktop software, Websites to mobile apps. I have mostly worked freelance and had a privilege to work with companies and people across the globe.

My best project was a Windows desktop software “Multi Email Notifier”. It notified users about new email from multiple email accounts. This was a challenging job as I was providing support for Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and many other email service providers. It sold more than 1,000 copies and was very popular in its time.

I wouldn’t say “worst” but yeah I have had a fair share of challenging and difficult projects. One of the most challenging projects, both technically and emotionally, was an e-commerce site where client kept adding more and more requirements for the agreed amount. Finally, we had to part ways, not on good terms. I still regret that because that was the only client I couldn’t make happy for whatever reason.

To hear more from the man himself you can check this video.

All the upcoming developers out there these are words of wisdom, plunge on to it and we are sure it will take you to your goals.