Sitting back at home, relaxing and chatting with your friend on Whatsapp.Nice!

Oh did you notice the update on Whatsapp- the one where you know which message has been forwarded. That’s quite tricky, makes things a lot more complicated.

The point being that little update that you see was probably much more complicated before it got to your screens. It was thought about, developed, and tested – Tested a lot probably.

We are going to do a series about testing scenarios under various testing cases. Today we discuss about Performance Testing and various crucial scenarios you must check while doing so.

  • Network Coverage

Each user have different levels of net coverage, you app must support the same.

  • Optimization of CPU cycle

Ensure that each of the CPU cycles has been optimized.

  • Battery Consumption

Do gauge whether the battery life can support the application to perform under predictable load volumes.

     Also, the battery life must back the app while performing under projected load volumes.

  • Guidelines

Make sure the App follows the required guidelines in terms of Camera, GPS, Content Rights.

  • Longevity

 Substantiate the application longevity whenever the user load is high. No slow apps please.

  • Response Time

Make sure the response time of the application is as per as the requirements. Nobody likes to wait.