Most IT services company professionals that I have interacted with are all having a tough time to bring in a product – because they don’t understand product – although they build and test a product for their customers.

It was tough for me to sell the concept of App Achhi to my own company Moolya – a testing services company I founded in 2010 that does fundoo testing for most of the top mobile apps in India, be it Flipkart, PayTM, Ola, Snapdeal, Practo, Urban Ladder…

People in Moolya were confused. They didn’t understand what I was trying to build. They were afraid if I was building something that would take people away from their jobs. They were right – those who fear disruption need to be taken away from their jobs because they would be the first to be replaced by any technology. Thankfully the system got cleaned up and I got a new team in Moolya who are more disruption friendly and the new team in Moolya loves App Achhi and is building on top of it.

Turns out that one year of building the product – App Achhi has become a disruptor (to services first) and a few testing services companies I have spoken to – ask me all wrong questions. They should be asking me – how can I use your platform in such a way that I can utilize my people way better? Instead they want App Achhi to work like Selenium so that their SDET’s can still have their job.

Oh my God! Why don’t they ask me : How can my testers – test better? Only those companies that ask such a question will not be replaceable by A.I.