Many complex software structures require in-depth analytical and technical skill to test the applications. Knowledge of programming languages is required for unit testing, scripting skill essential for Automation testing.I have spoken to a few people in this segment and they can’t emphasise enough about the importance of software testing. Tester is a mid-man between developer and client, If he misses any defect while testing and that defect is caught by the client then he is responsible for every explanation why that defect is not yet resolved, not the developer who has developed that software. Similarly if he finds a defect then he is responsible to get it fixed by the developer and sometimes it becomes challenging to convince developer that it’s a valid defect .

I had the chance to talk to Tarang Chokshi, A senior quality analyst manager who decided to get in to testing after his engineering – simply because he wanted to do something different and creative. Quite an irony when it comes what people usually talk about testing as a career.

I have choosen Testing as my ‘Passion’ not as just job

I have started my journey as a Jr. Tester 4 years ago. After graduating in Computer Engineering, I wanted to pick a field that suits my interest ,is creative and also in the IT segment.

I decided on  Testing? I wanted to learn new technologies, did not want to limit myself .Testing helped me grow my self as per my skills, I can learn new technologies upon testing field. Definitely, If .net developer wants to learn new things, they need to focus on those new things as well but in Testing, you will face all technologies in time. That gave me goose bump. I can go with Testing and Testing will give me all skills.

Tarang tell us that one India is the Biggest market for App Developers. We have reached a breakthrough n our country with regards to testing. Looking back 10 years, Technology was nothing compared to Today. Currently, Indian software testing community is the largest in the industry and hence there is tremendous business competition in Indian corporations. This competition finally leads to quality work and this is helping India to satisfy global customers. India is having immense talent and customers are coming to India for superior work quality.Technology is grown up today because of developers. Google is making comfort-zone for them with different kinds of meet ups and certificates . Testers are the support system for App developers. Developers have a broad mind to create but Tester have a broad mind to brake it and find loop-holes. So basically Testers are not finding developer’s faults but they are helping to shape their projects.

What are the kind of tests you do?

I used to work in Manual Testing and sometimes in Automation Testing when needed. IN testing, I use Regression Testing, UI Testing, Functionality Testing, Security Testing, Bottom up Integration Testing, Compatibility Testing, Exploratory Testing, Negative Testing.

I do create first Test Matrix and Test cases for all features. then run on relative platform.

Recently I found ‘appacchi’ platform which has my solutions. I am happy too because it has good UI explainer and  best ‘AI’ I get to know till now. have used appacchi platform to test my one mobile app. At that time, I was searching a better domain/software/online tool to help me. I found appacchi and believe me, it become my primary tool to test mobile apps. Each of the parameters is monitored and provided scores individually.