AppAchhi’s strong determination towards making mobile automation smart and performance orientated is how we are adding value to our customers. Taking automation just beyond automation will help to test and to see a new dimension of test automation.

One of our customers is going live with the app in a couple of weeks. They desperately wanted a tool or a platform that could give them confidence about the app. When the first report was sent! The team quickly wanted to have a chat with us. They needed to understand the performance risks reported by our platform and here it goes…

Customer: Good morning! Thanks for the report.

Team: Good morning! How can we help you today?

Customer: I figured that there are more memory risks in my app than I expected! I have investigated and fixed every possible memory leak in my app. Can you help me understand what’s wrong with my app?

We looked into the report and started exploring the memory graphs provided by the platform for every test. After few minutes…

PO: Your App’s GCs and app native seem to be very nominal! Something has gone wrong with App PSS. I see that your app is using Google services a lot! How is your app integrated?

Customer: yes! My app is totally built on Firebase. It mostly uses Google Play services to send data to my app server.

PO: Well, there you go! App PSS is basically shared process running between your app and other apps. This might be the reason why your App PSS is way too high!

Customer: This seems to be a good find! Let me have a look at the app and the version of Firebase SDK which will give me some hint. BTW, how is this going to impact my app?

PO: Being shared memory, when your app gets stacked at the bottom of the list in the background. There are chances of your app being destroyed by the system if more and more apps start using the same services.

Customer: Great! Now, how can I get more insights about my apps memory of different screens of my app or forcefully do something that could help us find memory leaks?

Customer lead: You are at the right place! We have integrated conditions in our platform to run tests under heavy RAM usage circumstances, orientation changes! How about we run the tests and see if something does exists in the app? We would be able to eliminate few performance risks before go live!

Customer: Sounds great! Let’s get going. Thanks for the call. Have a great day!

Customer lead: Sure, we will get started and we wish you a great day too! 🙂

What are conditions?

Conditions by definition: The factors and circumstances that might influence or affect something.

We believe that running tests in environments that are close to reality will help us understand the behaviour of mobile apps and uncover performance risks that could bother your app in realtime. Considering various situations, form factors, mobile devices. We have combined and constructed few important conditions that apps can run.

Check out Google I/O report with conditions and how it exposed risks in conditions:

Also sign-up here: to get your apps report with Conditions.