Young entrepreneurs , fresh faces out from the best B Schools in India, we have all heard those stories. These stories have inspired us , made us believe that this generation is definitely going ahead . Moving away from the otherwise normal routine of safe career choice, high paying jobs these guys have certainly  taken the risk of starting up their own company in different sectors .

What next?

Let us go ahead of that and talk about how they manage this, what are the values these young minds stand by. What makes them dwell along with the other age old companies.

Meet Chandrahasan Vantaku, Ravinder Katkuri and Hema Kiran co founders of ‘Tilicho Labs‘ (Awesome Name).

Do you know what Tilicho is- Tilicho is one of the worlds highest Himalyan Glacier lakes. You didn’t know that ,Right! You were busy pronouncing the word.

These guys actually started a company and named it Tilicho – They were 25 when they did it . What did you do when you were 25, you were trying to get the name right!

These three Bits Pilani pass outs started a mobile app development company in August 2015 , and they have already got a clientele worth bragging about, but they wont. Why . NDA !

They ideate, prototype, design and build mobile apps & their backends .The clients include SignEasy, Wooplr, MySmartPrice, MeraEvents, Mooz up etc. The company is only just more than a year mind you.

How did they manage to get so far?

A company needs to have a vision and a motto. The motto here was in terms of quality. That was the keyword for these guys from Day One.

“Quality is the best business plan” – this is what we believe in. The trust that builds up with the client when the app is seen to be built with solid architecture backing is what we feel brings them closer towards a long-term relationship, perhaps push them to market us in their network”says Chandu.

How they Hired?

They ensured that the new entrant into the company becomes well equipped to fit their quality policy by providing individual-specific skills training. This way, the quality is in their nerves.

What makes them different.

What really differentiates us from others is the quality of the app, specifically when it comes to the user experience and coding standards. App is ensured to be intuitive and in-line with the design in place and is developed with the right coding standards which enables it to be highly maintainable and easily extendable.

Pitching Strategy:

“Work before you speak” – this is what we follow and aspire to maintain throughout all of our processes. Specifically, when a customer hands over his business requirements to us, we find out the technology scope, perform adequate research about the technologies to be used, and then, we go about taking the discussions further. This process has been tremendously helpful to us to achieve conversion rate of nearly 70% of all the pitching we made.


What happens after they develop an app: Testing , testing , testing:

Before the app is published these guys have a two phase testing Developer testing and Black box testing. Set of the original developers thoroughly test the major flows and weed out any issues to ensure they’re bug free. Post that, in-house black box testing is performed to catch the remaining issues.
Rigorous tests are enabled before the app is out in the customers hands.

End Note:

The focus and clarity that the founders of Tilicho labs have certainly given them an edge over many other app development companies. From the pitch to the end product they remain passionately consistent, and that I believe is the road to success . Age is nothing but a number.

So for the answer of how to start a start up when you are 25 – Lets just begin with focus and have  a mission , stick to it.

You can check out their website here: