I am just like any other girl but I have the zeal to explore.  I have the courage to take up new endeavors. This attitude has helped me in achieving many of dreams.

The world is becoming a much better place with the advance in technology and the role of women can never be overemphasized in the world growth today, women played important roles in Information technology sector, but the ratio of men compared to that of women in this sector is probably 80-20%.

With that percentage, women need to set their focus on achieving more in this sector.we seek more women to work in this sector. Women have to prove that gender equality in Information technology is a must.I absolutely thrilled to interview Sakshi Jain– One of the delegates selected out of a pool of thousands of applications with a full scholarship for the Harvard US- India initiative. 

● Tell us your story into the IT space?

My journey with programming started in High school with C++. I was fortunate to have a really nice mentor for teaching me the language. It was at that time when I gained interest in coding and realized the power of making things. In my undergraduate studies, I kept on exploring new things, learned new frameworks, languages and kept on working on new projects. I have realized that one has to come out the comfort zone to bring a change.

● Your achievements and how you went about it?

I am just like any other girl but I have the zeal to explore. I have the courage to take up new endeavors. This attitude has helped me in achieving many of dreams.
In my journey, I met some amazing people and learned a lot from them. I realized the importance of a community and the importance of giving back.
After High school, my first major achievement was working and developing a women safety device using IoT in my freshman year itself. Later in my sophomore year, I got the prestigious Grace Hopper Women in Computing scholarship which inspired me to do more and learn more. Later on, I got two of my papers published. In one of the conferences, my team was the youngest of all. It helped in boosting my confidence. I have also been a Microsoft Student Partner for 2 consecutive years.
In my junior year, my team won the Smart India Hackathon which is the largest technical hackathon in the country. Towards the end of the junior year, I got a chance to attend a boot camp with students from MIT, ASBs, and IITs.I was one of the 48 selected students worldwide. It helped me learn a lot about the international culture.
These are some of the achievements which have helped me shape into a person that I am today. There are a lot more and I believe that this is just the start of my journey. I welcome more opportunities as they come in my way and try to be my best in each one of them.

● Women in leadership roles in the IT sector

Women in leadership roles. One the best topic which I always want to talk about. Women are often underrepresented in Tech fields and as the statistics show, the number of women in leadership roles are quite low and is declining.
Being in an all girls technical university, I understand the reasons. Since my freshman year of my senior year, I have tried a lot to make a change in the culture. I get inspired by a lot of courageous women around me and I try to contribute in my way back to the community. I believe that attending conferences, meeting people and discussing ideas open a lot of doors for opportunities.

I have been a guest speaker in some of the sessions and have organized many myself. I believe that if I can inspire at least 1 women in the room then the purpose of the session is fulfilled.

Leaders are not born, they are made.
It takes courage to speak up, asks for a raise, demands credit for your work. Sometimes, it does feel scary but it is all worth it. I encourage every women and girl out there to take a chance, to explore, to come out of their comfort zone. Leadership comes from experience and experience come from trying.

● Your recent experience as a delegate in the Harvard US- India initiative.

HUII, or the Harvard College US-India Initiative, is a student-run organization that aims to create a dialogue between Indian and American youth to address some of India’s most pressing social, economic, and environmental issues today.
This year the conference happened at ITC Maurya in Delhi. I was one of the delegates selected out of a pool of thousands of applications with a full scholarship.
Attending HUII conference has been another exciting journey to do something out of my technical field. The experience has been very enriching and I get to meet a lot of amazing people at the conference. There were tons of sessions and talks lined up. It was fortunate to listen to many eminent speakers like- P Chidambaram, Dr. Devi Shetty, Sonia Singh, Mr. Deepak Bagla, to name a few.

There were a lot of discussions on social issues, political issues, finance issues, and economics.
It has been a very good experience, I would say.

● India for App developers and testers – your point of view

Testing is as important as development. Honestly, many people avoid testing phases which later on leads to failure and crashes in the apps. The number of preferred jobs for development is much more than testing which is quite disheartening.

● What does the app testing space in India look like?

I have not seen many platforms to test apps, websites efficiently. Testing is a domain which is really important and needs a lot of attention.

Quality should always be above quantity.
There is no dearth of apps, websites in tech field but the number of them working efficiently and without bugs are quite less. This is a situation which demands attention.

● How do you test your app?

Being a developer, even I avoided testing in many of my projects until I get to meet an amazing mentor who made me realize the importance of testing and the long-term benefits of it. Firebase, unit testing are some of the ways, I test my projects. For black box and beta testing, I usually ask a lot of people in my network to use the app and give feedback. For detect the loopholes, I develop a lot of test cases to test outliers.

I feel that testing is a domain which needs more focus these days.
I was recently introduced to appachhi.com and I must say that it is a really nice platform to ease the task of testing with their AI system.

● Who is your developer role model and why?

There are a lot and it is difficult to choose one. I have inspired with a lot of people who develop products which are used by the society and helps in making our everyday tasks easy.

● How do you constantly stay updated and what resources would you recommend for wannabe freelance developers?

I have subscribed to many newsletters to stay updated on what is happening in the industry. I like to read. So, I follow medium articles, news apps like-in shorts and social networks.
All of these helps me stay updated.

To conclude I must say that to inspire women has been one of Sakshi’s goal, and with this interview I must say that she has inspired me. I hope thats the same for all men and women.