Recipe to Amazing Software Testing – Ingredient Three – Regression Testing

>>Recipe to Amazing Software Testing – Ingredient Three – Regression Testing

Recipe to Amazing Software Testing – Ingredient Three – Regression Testing

Regression Testing and important features in automated regression testing.

GOING BACK – that’s it! That’s the literal meaning of this technical term called Regression. How important is it in the testing scenario – VERY !!

Let’s look at the details of Regression Testing and the importance of it.


Regression testing is an important part of the software testing process that makes sure that the existing application remains unaffected by the new changes. The major role of regression testing is to find out whether the existing functionalities are working perfectly fine and there are no bugs in the previously tested units.

Every time a new unit has been released, units have to be tested using unit testing and integration testing. All of the unit and integration tests are executed again and again in regression testing to make sure there are no additional or existing bugs.

There are many apps and platforms in the market to test regression testing.  These are the most important features in automated regression testing tool must have.

1. Records and Plays Back Your Test Cases

When you prepare a regression test case, you are usually planning to refer to it later.Your tool must record and store every action  You should be able to execute the same test cases for some other projects, too, with very little editing. This will be possible only with the help of this feature of playing back the recorded test cases as required.

Importance of the feature

  • The record and playback feature will be helpful in building highly complex test cases with little editing for the similar kind of applications.
  • It will also save your efforts to find the errors in the test cases if the test fails.

2. Is Scriptless

Script-based automation is becoming an old story now. People are moving towards automated testing tools that don’t require writing long test scripts and are not just limited to a very few GUI-based commands.

Test commands are in now. Testers need to just drag and drop the simple and easy-to-understand test commands like click, click and wait, capture, etc., which will automatically create the test cases. Additionally, they would only need to enter the value to the commands.

Importance of the feature

  • Again, this is going to save you an ample amount of time in writing the whole JavaScript, Python, JScript, etc. code for your regression testing.
  • Using scriptless/codeless regression testing tools will help you reduce your testing-related stress and improve your efficiency at work.

3. Uses Continuous Integration with the Server

As more than one tester is involved in the whole testing procedure, it is highly required to store and execute the test scripts on the server. We need to automate this process of storing and executing the test scripts to speed-up the regression testing process.

There are many leading continuous integration tools available like Jenkins, Bamboo, JetBrains, etc., that need to be integrated with your application testing automation tools. If these tools come as plugins with your automated testing tools, it would be very effective to maintain the test scripts.

Importance of the feature

  • Testers can easily perform the test scripts on the server.
  • The automated regression testing tools integrated with Continuous Integration (CI) tools will help to verify your application on regression cycles.

4. Reuses Methodologies

We all use reusable test cases when they are used in succeeding regression cycles. The regression testing automation tool that we choose to buy for our testing requirements needs to have some kind of methodologies where we can combine the various successful reusable test cases in order to use the successful test cases again and again whenever there are similar kinds of regression testing requirements.

Importance of the feature

  • We can reduce the time required to always test the similar kind of scenarios with just a few reusable test cases. The combination of re-usable test cases can sometimes help in the complete regression testing cycles.
  • These methodologies can be saved for the future regression testing requirements.

5. Simplifies Regression Report Generation

Any testing requires reporting functionality for sure to measure the failure and success of a particular test case, whether the changes made in the application are tested appropriately with the newly developed or re-usable regression test cases.

The only way to track these things is with the help of reporting functionality. The regression testing tools must have this reporting feature to track the complete details of the test cases like the number of tests executed, test case status, test suite’s visual logs, priorities, ability to capture the screens, etc.

Importance of the feature

  • Screen capturing features can help to easily log the bugs.
  • A detailed view can help testers make any changes in the test cases if required
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