Performance. Nothing to hide. People who graduated from web testing era to mobile app testing – think of performance testing of an app still as a web testing problem. Web testing remains web testing. However, I have not seen a lot of people do deep analysis of client side performance. It is assumed that the delay is because of the server side issues.

I know you could call it cultural but we began working with a very successful start-up. I met the VP Products and VP Engineering, showed them App Achhi reports and I asked them what are your challenges. They both told me one thing – we spend time fighting out if the performance problem is because of client side or server side. I wish there was no fight about this. If there is a performance issue, the front and back end teams should have sufficient information to know what causes the issue. Due to the lack of it – teams are fighting. This is bad because overall people lose focus on quality and focus on protecting themselves.

So, our goal is to help the human race have sufficient information to ensure they don’t need to fight with each other. The best thing to do with colleagues is be P. Professional.