Mobile Applications are sometimes like the perfect dish(here we go , the foodie in me talks again but hear me out). The perfect dish usually never has the right recipe, its all according to the person who makes the dish. This dish goes through a lot of processes till it becomes so perfect. So the maker adds her  ingredients and tests it all until she believes what works for her and the dish(this ingredient later becomes the ‘SECRET’ ingredient.) The outcome – People love the dish and yes there will be some neg feedback too but hey they mostly loved it .

Now our application are no different – The developers create it and then the testers  test it till well its Perfect(Please Note :It’s never going to be perfect). Testers will keep looking for the perfect model to test the app and yet lets face it they have not found the perfect App to test the Application.  We are just going to help these guys a bit in choosing your perfect testing app.

So here we go three testing applications to help you out (these are written in no order of excellence)

Instabug is an automatic crash reporting tool that is known for its debugging capabilities.

Its a platform completely integrated in to your system so the reporting is on a very comprehensive level. A tool that needs to be configured in the app for testers, developers, and users.  With powerful analytics and editing options, it makes for one of the most refined tools for testing. 


Who should use it :

If your looking for a tool that helps you with your customer engagement and to give you analytics this is the one .


  • Its already integrated with a lot of tools like slack etc.
  • The integration in to the system means a lot of high level reporting of bugs.
  • Assign bugs to your team


  • Beta Testing
  • Its extremely organisation specific , not a stand alone app.

A tool for testers with options to test any number of apps and generate functional / performance report in AppAchhi. With  screenshot enabled and  performance monitoring backed up, BugNinja saves more than 40% of the testing time. (You know you want anything that saves time ) The App is integrated with the Appachhi Platform , which means you get a lot of detailed reports in terms of different flows and conditions that matter. Discover CPU, Memory, Crash & Competition reports.

Who should use it :

Anyone who would like to have a meta idea of how the app is functioning (performance testing),would like to see reports quickly . For a basic idea during a time crunch (I know there is always a time crunch) this is the go to app.


  • Its a stand alone , which means you can any number of apps can be uploaded and you get a detailed report on performance and builds.
  • The Appachhi Reports are well defined
  • One of the best ones in terms of performance testing


  • No integration with any other app
  • No crash reporting as of now.


A simple performance monitoring tool for onscreen live monitoring while testing and generate basic graphs for a highlevel understanding of both mobile and app performance. It also happens to be a product of Qualcomm Technologies. Trepn Profiler is one of the few Android applications designed to provide accurate power profiling of apps.

Who can use it :

Anybody  can use Trepn for a basic understanding about the phone.


  • Real Time Profiling
  • Lay man Friendly tool


  • Too basic for testers who want a detailed study .


So that’s a preview of three testing application , of course as I said earlier it depends on you. The perfect app might just need a combination of a few ingredients .