Coming back after a hiatus, I am quite excited to write about this one. This article is about ‘EXPERIENCE’. Very often we perceive things to be in a particular manner. As a employee, you think that you know what your CEO’s work profile. As a student you think in your college day – this is what I have to do. What we think and the actual reality could be so different.


Meet Kartik Setia, A Software Product Engineer by profession.I saw his profile on LinkedIn as he recently has been certified as a Google Certified Android Developer.I wanted to know more of his experience in the same The usual questions and the interesting answers kept coming ; thats when a change happened.We were talking about all this when he mentioned he had written an article,and he would like to share it with me. The article caught my eye immediately , I knew that I wanted to publish the same.

The perception of a junior software engineer – by a software engineer himself. (PS: Take notes.)

Just after my graduation, I landed up working on my first  project – An ecommerce android  application, That was it , the moment I knew I wanted to work in this field. Its been 1.5 years and I wanted to share my experince as a junior software engineer. My job and my perspective.

After I finished my internship I joined a service based startup where I was the only android developer who has no experience at all. I worked on 3 apps , One of them was stalkbuylove. It was e-commerce app and I feel like I gained lot of confidence from this project. I had to work on client side ,was also my first time. After 6 months I switched to product based startup “Vyntelligence “.Its a UK based startup and after joined this my life as developer/employee had changed and till today my life is not like 9 to 6 employee but a free happy developer.

What I though I would be doing as  Jr. Software engineer and What I did.


1.Observe and Learn

I work remotely, my company’s office is not in my country but team is here with me. We go to coffee shops and work there with our laptops and smart phone to discuss our agendas. Its a mix of play and work .

With the variety of people working in such an environment its easy to break ice and learn more , ask more without hesitation.

What I have learnt during my tenure here is that its not the company but its people that teach you . Observe and learn from what they do


2.Listen to your seniors:

Sometimes it seems boring when we are listening to our seniors and most of the time it escapes our understanding level. But we must understand that even if we acquire 1% of the discussion, it’s going to be useful to us in some stage or the other of our journey. If we are working in some project and our senior is giving us guidelines, we should always keep in mind that they are guiding us with their experience, they might be right or wrong, but we should at least listen and then work on the solution which they provide to us, after researching on the same.

Our attitude is a reflection of the people around us and vice versa, if we remain open ended and inculcate our senior’s leanings into our own, we all will end up into being a happy and an understanding team, which is essential for the job to be done right.

3.Do your research – Spend Time in organizing.

 As a Junior Android developer, I realized that as most of the programmers spend their time coding, it’s a bit different in my case. When I have to make an application or work on some program, coding comes last. There is a lot of ground work before we reach that stage.

  • It all starts with research work, which includes the background of the necessity, the market face of the need, the apt way or method to follow in order to make that app, the requirements of the client, etc.
  • After that comes the making of the flowchart according to the need of the application, and it is not always in the professional method, it could be in layman’s term as well, more important is that it should be understandable by the one who is going to develop it.
  • Next comes the selection of the software architecture, designing and finally we reach to the stage of coding.


What I have gathered down the line is that my day to day activities vary to a great extent. Not every day am I coding, or researching. There are days when I just study the market and read articles to enhance my knowledge of the field. This is a job which does not have any set number of hours to work on, but if taken up with a passion, it will eat up all possible awake hours of a person.

4.What to do if you want to be a Senior Developer?

In  most cases in service-based companies work in a particular format . They list the requirements to the developer , the developers then codes ->Post which the Senior Developer reviews the code and helps the developer understand his mistakes and in the process, they all learn.

Does a Junior Developer become a Senior Developer through this process? I definitely do not think so.

The only learning required along the way is how to write a good code and to classify them methodically.

We have to understand the importance of these parameters along with coding. We should never forget that every person brings along learning with them which we can also share, even if that is a sales person. Software development is an enormous field, and everyone has something to teach us. It always depends on us how can we be satiated with our job profile and are growing day by day in our field.

We should never be afraid to ask for help, as it helps us grow.

The first project I have worked on is CRM integration like MS Dynamics/salesforce integration in android other then that over the years I have learnt and worked on diff technologies as well , like salesforce development.

Not just a work from home employer, but a Happy free coder!

Every milestone achieved has a story to tell. Every story is different from another and has their own ups and downs. My story is also a rollercoaster ride. Not every day has an easy path to follow.

With no office space, and the confinement of my own room to work in, there are times, when the social life starts to get affected by the work environment or when colleagues aren’t there. But as I mentioned in the beginning of my article, I am blessed to be working with a company where our team meets every week, we bowl, play squash, have beer and work along.

The more important aspect of a work life is one’s job satisfaction and ease with one’s work.

Started as a work from home employee, now I proudly call myself a happy coder with free will to invest my time and grow, both professionally