Have you seen the pizza delivery guy on the road , he rushes in the top most speed possible to reach you on time(How you secretly wish at times that he is few minutes late for that free pizza). He is still on time everytime. Arrives exactly at the 30th minute. So ‘ta na na na na , no pizza aye free’ .
On demand, delivery can be really nerving wrecking at times . To ease out this process four guys from Quadkast technologies came together to take this to the next level.Meet the team of four guys who started  Quadkast technologies.
                           (From left to right :Sivakumar B ,Ramachandran Gunasekeran,Jaikumar R )
With four years of experience in real time they wanted to step out of this space and step in to the entrepreneurial stage and they founded ‘Quadkast Technologies’ in  2016.
Founded a company , What next ?
The strategy here was to move one step at a time with perfection and detailing. “We create a roadmap , a plan to implement and deliver” . Quadkast technologies was the first destination , the second was Teliver’
Destination 1: Quadkast Technologies – The parent company
Within a year of inception they delivered projects that received accolades from their clients. In the process, they have acquired the high degree of proficiency and competency in delivering profitable, user-centric & robust end-to-end enterprise technology solutions to their customers. The key was to build a team ,respect every individual idea and implement .Within six months they delivered 7 projects with great customer satisfaction.
From then it was time to move on to the next step- Teliver was born
Destination 2  :Teliver – The next big thing for on demand delivery 
Teliver is a Quadkast Subsidiary focused on delivering location and path tracking solutions for mobile applications; a SaaS (Software as a solution) based product that is exactly what the consumers of this generation greatly require. In this age of technology, not knowing where our requirements are is a huge pain and Teliver is the solution. A well defined map with the delivery’s live location and path being travelled can be viewed.
Businesses with mobile applications could integrate Teliver in their app and get going right away.
So thats means no more calling up restaurants “Where is the parcel Sir” – Finally has an answer.
Within 3 months of inception they had 42 registerations.
Where do you find your leads?
“Quora & Reddit is where we found genuine customers.”says Gunasekaran
The people who come and ask questions here were more genuine , they had a reason to be there and ask questions. Teliver was there as a solution to people who wanted information about on demand delivery. 60% of their customers came from these sources.
Way Forward:
To create a roadmap is crucial to any start up and they are no exception
As of now the team is into a B2B model but in the next 6 months they would like to move ahead and start a B2C model. With a few things already ticked off on the roadmap, they are going to plunge in for more with their team .”
From being a company that  specialises in to app creation to a company that wants to take on demand delivery to the next level they have certainly come long way.  Kudos to them. Looking forward for this service on many apps.