Web series seems to be the most in thing now. Gone are the days we would sit with a huge television set and toss between DD channels. Today things in this medium have changed drastically; from the technology used to watch  them to the size of them. Content and channels have broadened up . Not that I don’t miss my malgudi days in the big box, but today watching the latest sarabhai season 2 on  my phone makes it even comfortable. Not many the know the pleasure of taking your phone in the bathroom and watching a cricket match(many men would know), you really cant miss a moment .

So with this invention we have so many web series and also the inventions of various channels online and also as an app. All this to watch your favorite shows online. These guys created apps to make life easier and more entertaining .

I used to watch ‘permanent roomates’ for a while earlier and the connection online was really bad , so a friend suggested to download the app. Well I ended up downloading HOTSTAR instead. At the beginning, it was intended to serve as a mobile application that would support streaming of the Cricket World Cup . However, Hotstar expanded its offering, spread across 8 languages from the entertainment, movie and sports channels owned by Star India. A few months later I downloaded NETFLIX too. One to fill my regional gap and the other international. Hotstar and Netflix will not be competitors as they cater to two different demographics. Which means I need both.

But when it comes to how these two are build, I must say that they both are quite robust. Taking in to consideration they are both heavy on content ,they have made sure that my phone or my daily dose of entertainment does not suffer.

Lets take a look at the chi score for these two .



So if you see the appachhi report ,we see that they are both working on the same lines except that hot star might have to work on the network a little more .

If you look at the CPU though both of them are at medium risk , If there is a way this can be rectified ,hallelujah. Lets face it there’s a major data consumption happening on these apps, which is a major reason for poor battery life. Added to that, video playback requires the use of the processor, graphics chip, software and the display, all of which pull battery power unlike anything else. So, if you are running low on power, it is better to avoid the usage of these apps.

I can also see that Netflix has upgraded itself pretty well compared to it last build.The build comparison on the report shows a steady growth.

So much for making things easier for us. We also have amazon prime that has been the latest addition to the market, but however I have noticed that most of us have been stuck on these two . By the looks of it as of now I know that these two are here to stay on my phone and phone is going to be safe.

Verdict : Happy Customer, Happy Watching, Happy Me!

As of now its a draw!