Many good QA might not know to code. So they end up staying away from anything that looks like code and most importantly and sadly, they stay out of technology and only focus on functional testing. This leads to a gap for a tester in terms of learning technical things because even if they are a functional tester – they need to know technical stuff. I have tried to come up with a syllabus for mobile app testers to become technical without writing a single line of code

Level 1

Understand the Mobile OS Architecture
Understand the API’s exposed by the OS to build apps
Understand third party SDK’s and their integration with app under test
Understand the framework on which the app is developed

Level 2

Understand Garbage Collection, Memory Leaks, Object Allocation.
Understand Methods, Traces, IO
Understand Analytics Integration
Understand Crash Logs, ADB, App Logcat

Level 3

Print a list of all libraries and function names to assess test coverage
Read code – Just read even if on Day 1 you don’t understand anything.

Two questions:

1. What else would you add?
2. Do you think there are many good functional testers out there who are not technical enough?