I am not a Product Owner. I have had the opportunity to work closely with several Product Owners by now. Their life is best described as “sandwich“. Between Business and Engineering. They are stuck. Both sides using them as a rope in tug of war.

This job requires some serious calmness. This job requires some serious patience. This job requires a multitude of skills. A Product Owner’s most important skill set is – People Skills.  If a Product Owner fails in this – it will reflect in the Product and stakeholder dissatisfaction. End result – customer not finding that value envisioned.

In future if I were to hire a Product Owner – this is the first thing I will be checking because I shall assume they know how to work on the product. Oh, how stupid of me! How can I check this? I know there are snake charmers who would do great in interviews but fail big time on floor. I think it is a good idea to speak to people who have worked with them.

If I am serious about my product – and I am serious about how the Product Owner can influence the success, I better invest my time to find the Product Owner who would bring inner peace to the teams.