In the last few years, the Mobile app industry has grown humongous. The variety of apps and their ability to cater has been varied. To go hand in hand with the change the hardware has also changed dramatically. The different phones and their and ability to unleash an app to its full potential depends on the software. Each and every app is tested under various scenarios, different builds are tested and then an app is out of the oven. The complications in this industry is not a joke and I believe its just getting started.

The QA guy /Developer/ Test Lead – has a lot of struggling to do and just when he thinks “NO BUGS” – he will be in for a surprise. We spoke to a few in this battalion about their challenges in mobile app testing.


  • Testing an app on multiple devices
  • Handling the changes from build to build
  •  Seeing the realtime progress of the testing
  •  Monitoring the testing coverage and missed aspect of testing -Scenario based.
  •  Dependency on test data and having a test environment
  •  Testing an App on different Platforms and OS versions
  •  Testing an app on a different network and different screen size
  •  Automation testing of the unstable app
  • Taking performance data while testing