As of today (16th October 2017) we serve about 1250+ app owners, developers and QA. We have had the pleasure to interact with at least 300+ app development companies. When we say interact – we have actively engaged them – asking them for their testing pain points, app quality pain points, their uninstall rates due to app quality, crashes, and performance issues.

Also having tested the app they signed up we also discover the quality of their app. A key thing we notice between those who are doing good and those who are not doing good (business wise) is = how transparent they are with their customers!

The good companies – who discovered that their app is crashing and is poorly performing – they make bug fixes and then upload the bug fixed build and then share the report with their customers on how they improved the stability and robustness of the app.

The inefficient app development companies – wanted to hide the report from their customer. Interestingly – some app owners who had outsourced their app development signed up with us to discover the app quality was poor to then summon the company they had outsourced to fix the issues. The world is getting smaller and I think it is a wakeup call to all app development companies to start showing transparency of app quality with their customers.

Dear app development companies,

Trust is built by transparency. Transparency builds relationships. Relationships builds better business. So if you are struggling to grow – build transparency.