I have read plenty of posts on Quora and other forums related to start-up where finding a tech co-founder is discussed a zillion times. Most people say it is hard to find one. Hard to find a good one. Yes, indeed.

I found without knowing I was finding one. Avinash Nishant, co-founder and CTO came in as a Consultant to Moolya. He was advising us on how to build a product and the tech aspects of it. He had built Cloudnix and many Nixes. He is my opposite. While building the product – he and I started to meet and discuss a lot of things and found a good frequency match.

Let me tell ya something about Avinash

He loves to eat. Meat. Sheet. Anything that had life in it. I could have traded meat instead of parting equity with him. The other thing he loves is coffee. He’d call me out for coffee just before lunch, just after lunch, just for lunch, and just because he couldn’t have enough coffee the previous day.

Where is the tech in all this? 

He hates to talk. That is why he automates everything that involves interaction with a human. He thinks someday he can automate me. He is working on the concept of Artificial Intelligence that would replace a CEO so that he can found companies without needing a CEO and Sales people. I hope that happens after we exit App Achhi. He gets a head-ache if someone talks for long with him. Turns out that my talk has so far not given him the head-ache.

The 18 month pregnancy

I have sucked big time at finding right co-founders in the past. I have had disasters. Turns out that disasters led to the wisdom I needed. This time I had all the wisdom I needed. I knew what I bring to the table and I needed somene to compliment me – in value, in personality and thought processes. So, it looked good. Warning! Everything looks good at the start.

Pradeep’s heuristic of co-founder: It takes 18 months of working together, getting into problems where we need to fight out some issues to realize if it is worth to continue as co-founders or not. Good news – 18 months passed by working with Avinash, we faced some battles – he complimented me quite well in thought process and continued to ask questions that matter. I am happy today. I wouldn’t trade Avinash to anyone as a co-founder.

How we managed disagreements?

The most important piece of being a co-founder is the way we deal with disagreements. The way to deal with it is to be patient. Both of us had tons of it. Thanks to our past lives. Things went great. Disagreements brought us together than getting us away from each other. Oh also. When the Panda and Tigress wants to fight, it is important we need to go to Master Oogway for help. In our case – Master Oogway – was Mr Sriram Tadimal. Our advisor who has mastered Chhi.

Have an issue dealing with a co-founder? Email me. Avinash and I would love to help you restore the peace of your life. Have a tech issue? Avinash would love to help. It is easy to find our email ids. Use Linkedin wisely 🙂