I was talking to a friend of mine from Chennai yesterday, we spoke about Kids, GST, Home furnishing, Recipes, Mother in laws and all that and also about the article I was writing. The article about three Loyola college friends who started a company in Kasimedu, Chennai. This friend of mine instantly said “ Kasimedah” (typical Tamil style ), please be BFF with him, he can supply you some really fresh fish”. Mallu fish lover in me said “Noted”. This is exactly what Michael Allwyn told me when I asked him about his dive from the IT industry into fish and meat delivery.

Michael AKA Mike is one of the three founders of Gem3’s Technologies Pvt Ltd. This is their story.

”We are a group of friends from Loyola College (2007 – 2010 Batch) and started our company while we were completing our Under Graduation, from then on we have a practice of starting one service per year.” They tried their hands on many things. While still in college they started an IT company – The year 2009, from then onwards there was no looking back. They had their share of ups and downs and it has been a remarkable journey.



Journey Ups and Downs

  • Year 2009 – Started Gem3’s Technologies Pvt Ltd –Has today grown into a professional web design and software development company. Has an extensive clientele today.
  • Year 2012– Started Edu blogs called Jus4u.in – Closed it down as it didn’t go according to plan.
  • Year 2014 –Started purehomefood.in  -Shut it down because of operational issues.
  • Year 2016 – These Kasimedu guys started www.kadalunavu.com .

How it all started?

Mike says “I  live in Chennai Kasimedu, we had our first 80 sq. ft office in the same location. Everyone who asks me where you are office is immediately asks me can you get us some fresh fish this week etc. Because Chennai Kasimedu is known for fresh fish in Chennai and that made us take this as its bit easy for us to source out things. Also while we where starting here in Chennai there where no organized competitors of our size.”

While starting out it was only fish but now they have meat, and other poultry products too. They grabbed the opportunity at that point and made it possible.

Today they have more than 1000 regular customers.



If everything was going good – why start new?

“IT is our main bread winner and we are trying to create some competitive service which will be of day to day use to the community.” ​

What inspired us was the unwavering attitude of these guys, they did fail at times and they could have just stopped considering they had one business going on really well. They did not and that’s what success is all about.

At AppAchhi, we are a big fan of this thought process. Recently we had Moolya Testing one of our investor company starting an open library at the entrance of our office. A small way of giving back to the community. We wanted to feature them in our blog because of the attitude. This is the attitude people need. To give back. In AppAchhi made basic app testing free to all start-ups and those app developers struggling to test their app on multiple real phones. We made it. We made it possible. Our CEO – Pradeep Soundararajan – just announced on Linkedin that we crossed 500+ signups – this is amazing. We will have more great stories to share. Keep the attitude!