The mobile device market, Smartphones, Tablets,etc., is growing exponentially thus making the  developers strive to deliver most robust, scalable applications with quality assurance. Every device platform creates a unique testing environment challenging the mobile application developers to follow different testing strategies. This can be quite interesting for many , as they come across a new challenge every time.We are talking to Riyas Ahamed to understand his view on testing .

How did Mobile App Testing interest you ?

Testing is an art and it should be performed on a effective manner without assumptions. Dedication,Smart work, understanding skills, advance thinking are some of the key aspects for a tester and these aspects will help a tester to grow larger and faster in the software industry. Client handling is one of the key areas for tester to stand in the market for long time with same credibility.

What kind of tests do you do for mobile apps ?

Mobile apps testing is a key in the current sofware market but automating is a challenge , Regression and load testing is the main areas focused now. Like any application testing, it is important to go through the requirements in depth and rectify the requirement bugs at the right time,A combination of manual and automation testing can be done for an effective outcome.


Why do so many apps perform poor despite so many testers and tools

 This is mainly because of not understanding the business need. Testers should first understand the business on the area they work and then start testing the application which will help in avoiding defect leakage.

What has been your most challenging experience as a tester so far ?

I would say it is deliverables, because many companies performs poor project planning and that causes time crunch and obviously QA is the area gets affected and it is a biggest challenge till now in the industry. From technical perspective Regression testing for the mobile apps is a challenging one.

Is Fragmentation a challenge ?

Yes of course As of now in the current trend ,there are over 24,000 different Android devices in circulation today. That’s a staggering number that keeps developers up at night and rocks the testing world at its foundations.

Apple, on the other hand, has a much lower level of device diversity, but estimates show that approximately 40% of iPhone users are running an outdated OS version. Platform fragmentation has always been a serious issue that continues to grow as more and more big players join the mobile marketplace.

The diversity of these devices, platforms, screen resolutions, memory sizes, and connectivity options can give quite the headache. Testers have to make sure that multi-devices, multi-platforms, the compatibility of the app and multiple operating systems are all working.

Testing between enterprise apps and consumers apps 

  • Consumer apps possess emotional design targeted to attract consumers while enterprise-based apps are more utilitarian and primarily focus on simplification of the business processes.
  • Consumer-specific apps can be either a standalone app or can have integrated backend support whereas industrial apps only serve as a mobile interface for an existing system.

Has testing evolved over the years for these kind of apps  

Yes of course , lot of tools introduced in the market for mobile apps testing and further more. But still not effectively used by all companies yet.

Trends in testing 2018 : 

Test automation it is .

Its  seen as the main approach to shortening the testing and delivery time. The capability to integrate with DevOps toolchains becomes a must-have feature of test automation tools.

 Although test automation  is absolutely amazing ,Organizations mainly focus on functional UI and regression testing.

Test automation is seen as the main approach to shortening the testing and delivery time. The capability to integrate with DevOps toolchains becomes a must-have feature of test automation tools.

In the case of Appachhi it involves a number of evaluations to ensure that the system has optimal behavior under heavy workloads and that the app can respond quickly to any sudden scenarios.