So last month we heard about the snapchat fiasco in our country. How a rumored statement that the CEO made outraged the entire country. He allegedly stated that Snapchat is not for poor countries like India and Spain. Well the man denied saying all that, however the ever so patriotic Indians were so furious that they said Adios to Snapchat. Just like that.

Apparently in the new age of apps and social media this is how we show patriotism in our country. Now how I see it as, is that they have done a favor on themselves by uninstalling SNAPCHAT.

I have installed snapchat and let me tell you that’s it’s a battery life hog. When you use snapchat, you are receiving and sending video, which is a huge amount of data to be sending and receiving at the same time. That is more work for the processor, more work for the camera, more work for the display and backlight, and to top it all off, you are transmitting a lot of data.

But isn’t the snapchat concept build around it .So when I install the app I install it for the concept and not for the technical issues.This is what I received though.


  • My phone crashes abruptly and well some of the filters hang my phone. I am so tempted to uninstall this app or maybe go back to the earlier version. That one was a little better.

Just to give you a heads up about what my poor phone goes through while I am snapchatting.

Do you see the CPU usage, well that is something to be concerned about . Other than that we have INSTALL time that goes on for more than a minute…Really, apparently it takes all the time it wants to install and then drains out your battery. Lets not even get in to how much of data is consumed.

  • Snapchat always had a low risk problem with each of their version but the recent one has taken the cake for it.The appachhi report shows something interesting, take a look at this. We can see that the last two version have gone downhill

  • When we took automated tests in our office for snapchat this is what we could see:






This does not seem like a rainbow of colors to me.

Most of our social media platforms do come with different updates and different versions,most of them actually trying to blend in with each other. The difference between each of them are blurring up like facebook statuses and whatsapp statuses. Snapchat also just works around the lines of instagram. They do have features like Discover etc (that drains a lot of battery too), but then it’s a matter of time till someone else discovers a way to blend it in to their app. Live videos that was a snapchat thing is also catching up on facebook.

It’s a matter of time till, people start noticing snapchat as a battery and space hogger and well log out of it .

I hope MrSpeigel is taking notes here.