My co-founder gave me a challenge. To do something awesome everyday. He thinks I have done something awesome in the past and I am capable to do it plus all I need to do is to keep doing something awesome everyday.

I have been thinking and working on it. It is so incredibly hard even for an Einstein to find a new e=mc^2 every day. I think my co-founder didn’t talk about the result. Do something awesome everyday – is about the “doing” – not the result.

That leaves me to think – what is awesome to do?

  • To solve this problem – I need to look at myself more deeply.
  • Who am I?
  • What comes naturally to me?
  • What if I do – would be awesome for the world?
  • How do I organise myself in such a way that I can do this on a daily basis?

In this process, I realised something

  • I have a gift
  • I have got great results when I tapped into the gift
  • I have under performed when I didn’t tap into it
  • I have skills
  • I have got great results when I used them well
  • I have under performed when I couldn’t bring my skills to action.

Wow! I got up to this point Avinash. Thank you. I would crack the rest of jigsaw. That is my one step forward to be awesome everyday. Where’s the cup?