All my stories so far have been of founders and ceo’s who had a dream and with sheer perseverance they reached the point they are in right now.These dreams wouldn’t have been possible if they didn’t have the right team. This blog is for every individual in a team. Each member in a team has a story, a reason they are there.

“One fine afternoon when I came back home from school, my father was waiting for me with a surprise. It was a ‘Computer’.” Thats how Sadashiv Sinha’s story began.

An early call:

You know it when its right. Passion has wonderful ways to work its magic over you,it will keep you inclined and you would instantly know your unique points.

Sadashiv was just like any other young boy but one thing that constantly intrigued him was his computer , the way it worked and its functions

 “During my school days GWBasic and LOGO interested me ,I got attracted to computers, technology, the ideas and started chasing the questions as to how and why this was done.”
As luck would have it he chased his dreams to the IT Hub of India learnt various languages such as C, C++, HTML, PHP, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT and many more being a Computer Science student.
I was never a genius in the other subjects, never did I take so much interest in it but when it came to coding, I wanted to learn it all and so I did.
It was my final year where we were working on our major project, I would not want to flaunt too much, but yes, the truth was that all my friends had bought the project or had got it done by someone or somewhere else, where I on the other hand was one of those few students who did it all by themselves.

Decisions: MNC or Start up ?

You know how your parents keep preaching us about important decisions in Life, I think post college is where we take one of the most important decisions of our life. This decision carves a way for us ,our first milestone.
After college life came to an end, the corporate world was waiting to welcome us all with open arms.
We knew it was just the beginning, my friends were excited and so was I.
Sadashiv had to choose between MNC’s and start ups , and he chose to learn from a start up .
All my friends chose MNCsbut I chose to be a part of a startup where I knew I will be able to make use of my knowledge, things that I had learnt all my life and by putting in my hard work it will definitely pay me off well and it has really done so far.

He worked in this start up for for 2 years as an Android Developer, learnt many new things and showed my dedication towards my work, after which I moved into other organisation looking for new opportunities and challenges

Since it is a start-up he  was in a position to make big impacts. Good work can earn profits to the company as well as its customers.

Learning: Experience is gold

I started learning about IOS development too as mobile development looked more challenging to me.
Today, I have 6 applications on Google Playstore and a new IOS app is in the making too .
The journey has been long and I believe there is a longer way to go.He has been working on creating his own applications, some of them are XO-TicTacToe, SourcePro, NoSaveWhatsapp, etc which are available on the Google Play Store and it will soon be on the Apple App Store too.

How do you test your apps?

I do my testing on real device and check manually and we also have testers in company to do that. He tested his App  ‘Nosavwhatsapp’ on the appachhi platform for performance details.
The best part about Appachhi is that it tests the app on my choice of device and I do not have to manually test on them.

What do you think about development and testing scene in India ?

In recent days, India has been a powerful contributor in terms of apps and websites.
We have seen a lot of startups like PayTm, Flipkart, etc which are the fastest growing websites and apps.
So, in that case even the testing has to be robust, and which is happening.
We can see a lot of websites and apps which are developed and tested in India, so we can say that the future is bright in both development and testing
These are words of a young man who decided to carve a niche in what he loves the most . We are sure that the world is his oyster and he has an amazing future ahead.