Building mobile apps presents multiple challenges to developers that are comfortable with more traditional methods of creating applications. To address these issues, several vendors have rolled platforms for simplifying and accelerating mobile app development.I asked many of my developer friends their stories and this is what I have got as the top issues.

These are the basic issues faced by many developers

  • Development Time
  • Resources
  • Technology Changes
  • Testing Issues

(Dear Developers, we feel your pain !)

At Headfitted India they have found a robust technique to manage these problems and also create apps in a systematic way. Amal Raj COO at Headfitted India Pvt Ltd says that ‘Outsystems’ as a platform have proven to  be very helpful to eliminate these sort of problems. “Not only development but entire life cycle of the application is manged using the platform”.

Today this Denmark based company that also has a team in India brags about their technical abilities when it comes to development of softwares. Right from concept creation to the implementation the team takes care of everything. Headfiited today has clients like LEGO,DELOGUE. Etc and has made wonderful awe inspiring apps for them. Their approach have made Clients come back for more

What are the Key factors for clients to keep coming back ?

  1. Time to market
  2. Handling technology changes
  3. Agnostic to device or underlying OS on which the app is deployed
  4. World class UX/UI for the application
  5.  Managing application portfolio over a period of time.

Amal adds that all this possible because of Outsystems as a platform “We also suggest that client should go for a OutSystems licence (On premise or Cloud deployment ) and we would provide the developers required for the project. To convince the prospect regarding the value of the platform we conduct pre-sales demos, on understanding the requirement we carry out a POC considering some of the critical features of the app. From the development side we provide experienced OutSystems resources for the project.”


May be this is the reason Headfitted Solutions was one of the top three in the ICICI Appathon that happened this year . They stood third amongst 3400 participants across the globe.

The 2 member app development team from Headfitted designed, developed, QA tested the entire application using visual modelling, automation & one-click deployment approach to application delivery. The team created a native app having user login (Online & offline), unique id creation, camera usage, validations among other things

Headfitted Solutions team utilized OutSystems full-cycle rapid application development platform to develop the app –inclusive of native device capabilities (Camera, GPS etc). OutSystems vastly simplifies every stage of the app development and delivery process.

This was the Headfitted solution for you .