Lets just start this story with a Once upon a time….

Once upon a time, not long time ago when we were college students there were no smartphones and no apps to make our lives easier.We thought our lives were already sorted; we knew where to eat, where to collect books, where to shop and party and any updates about anything happening in the college from tests, to events to examination timetables, were all word of mouth. Mostly from the mouths of 100%attendence categories. Fast forward to 2018, most of our beloved millennials are a little more focused and organized than we are, They know the best app for shopping, eating, hanging out etc. Life is more virtual and more virtually organized.

Most of the generic things in life have an app, but what about the more niche things happening. Like a seminar happening in your college or maybe an assignment that has to be submitted on a particular day. There are apps for these things too but what if it could be college-specific, what if its made by the students for the students.

That’s exactly what two students from University Institute of Technology RGPV,Bhopal did. Meet Shubhi Shukla and Tarun Solanki who came together to create the same idea into an app.

“The idea about the app struck our minds when an important notification for the recruitment of one the college’s club was missed just because of the reason that we were not so active on Facebook. So we thought that there must be some common platform that should notify students about the college’s club updates without having to skim through their respective Facebook pages. This particular incident motivated us to develop this app.
The struggle was that we just had the idea and didn’t have in-depth knowledge of the technologies and language which would be used to develop it. So we actually had to study everything which took time.”
 UiTv was created by the students of UIT RGPV – Bhopal keeping in mind each other needs
The purpose of this app is to bring the societies of UIT RGPV (Bhopal) onto a single platform. The app focuses on providing regular updates of the events and various activities carried out by the different societies.
The app provides regular notifications to the users so that they are updated with the events and activities carried out by the societies.








Testing of these apps are done in house ,We used the android studio to test the crashes and run time exceptions and fix them. We also tested the app on devices with different configurations and specifications to ensure the quality performance.

These students have tested their talents right in college and made it big . As app developers our biggest achievement is the ease students have now in accessing all the important updates and information regarding various clubs of the college. The purpose of the app is to provide a single platform to access the college’s societies and convenience for the students to remain updated with the activities carried out by them which is definitely justified, that’s what we’d call an achievement for us. 🙂

In the next five years we definitely want to be successful developers who’d be contributing to make the lives of people easier and smarter with the advancements in technology.