A colleague recently told me about issues developerS & coders face” I always end up writing the wrong code first and then I realize its a mistake and then I write the right code- everyday story”. I am sure we all went through that situation. I ask many of my interviewees about the worst app they worked on, 90%have the same answer “I dont have a worst app , but I wish I could have made my first app better – I could do so many changes to it now.”

We have with us a really young girl , who perhaps has explained coding and developing to me like a fairy tale. Her story is of dedication and love for a subject.

Bernadietta Anggie has graduated her Bachelor Education with a major in Informatics and Computer Engineering at Universitas Negeri Semarang, Indonesia. Her journey has been the most realistic so far, with lots of self-doubts and questioning herself, she took each day as it came.

Your Journey:

I will tell you about my little story in IT. At first, I just liked the IT space at high school.
Those days I did not have a personal computer, I would go to internet cafes to get internet access, this was an everyday routine, Learnt many things there.


Later, I was introduced to HTML programming language by high school teachers. I became increasingly
interested in the IT world .  Thereafter I began to participate in the Olympic training in Computer and Computer Engineering at my school, where I learned about pseudocode, and turbo pascal. this is what then led me to continue my studies in Informatics

Engineering. for me coding is the same as writing a story. In developing a story, theremust be a time you are stuck and confused, just like coding, sometimes I also feel stuckand confused. in writing stories, the author is telling a fictional experience or story with different languages. In my opinion, coding is the same, developers tell the logic,
understanding, and what they know into an application with the various languages they control.

Do you think You achieved your dreams

I think the achievements I have earned right now is getting an Android Associate Developer certificate. For me, the achievements I want to achieve are not from winning a race or anything, but I can contribute to the society around me through the skills I have today as a developer. and right now I’m still fighting for it.

Women in leadership roles in the IT sector 
I think women’s leadership in this field is quite calculated. Although women here are only a minority, but their leadership should not be underestimated. I see some great women being leaders in a project, even a company, and they just inspire other women to continue to perform. For me the leadership of a woman is not inferior to the
leadership of a man.


 What advice would you give to woman looking to break into the field of mobility

My advice is you must have a tough soul and never give up, why?

Because here women are a minority, so it must be able to counterbalance the performance of men.

 You are a Certified Associate Android Developer by google how was your experience?
Associate Android Developer journey started from the moment I followed Indonesia Android Developer Scholarship.I took it up at udacity for 3 months.

At the time of my test to get a certificate, I did not succeed on the first try. At that time I felt like giving up. Then I studied again, repeating the material provided by udacity, and discussed with some friends.

During the second test, I was a bit hesitant, whether I would get away or would repeat the last test. and finally, I passed, I  got through and got the certification during my graduation .

Indonesia for app developer and tester your point of view
The development of Android developers in Indonesia quite rapidly.
New start-up contributes in solving social problems around ,They do  develop various apps. In Indonesia testing the
application is not too familiar.

What does the app testing space in Indonesia look like?
I think tester service providers for android applications in Indonesia have not been too
much. when I search even the results found are minimal little. When I develop an app, I usually do my own testing in some way that Iknow.

How do you test your app?

First I create small groups with 6 – 7 members. At this stage I test with some devices , then I do a test by asking for help from colleagues, family, and friends. At this stage I see the understanding of the testers by showing the applications that have been developed, without giving an explanation.However, if it is possible sometimes I Choose one of the five test second tests, click test, question test, navflow, and preference test.

Have you used the appachhi platform? 
Appachhi  can help many developers in testing, I think when developers do their own testing it has a gap, maybe with the platform help, developers like me can be helped.

I really like https://appachhi.com/whacka-bug/, it’s cool.