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20 02, 2018

Story of a Google Fanboy- Cyril Pillai

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I am a Google Fanboy Thats exactly how his first blog starts and I absolutely had to interview him.A gamer at heart this young chap leaped further just to understand how his favorite games are made.His journey itself has been nothing short of a Game with different levels.Each level just got more exciting and interesting In conversation with Cyril Pillai - Android Developer at M.paani.  Roadrash &CounterStrike Days - Level One I was exposed to computers for the first time [...]

15 02, 2018

Car Servicing Done Right – Automovill Technologies Pvt Ltd.

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Mridu Das & Chimay Baruah(Left to right) Car Servicing stories have been nothing less than horror stories. You can hear them everywhere, the complaints ,the cribbing,etc etc ;so when you find someone who tries to bridge between this gap  you have to talk to him . In conversation with the founders of Automovill: Mridu Das &Chinmay Baruah. It all happened when Mridu wanted to get his car serviced at one of the authorized service centers, one of the biggest [...]

10 02, 2018

Career Advice from a twenty year old – A roadmap to App development .

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Advice from a twenty year old  ,that too career...well why not.I have done many interviews of people who have started their companies,have loads of work experience and done tonnes to inspire us. They have inspired a lot of  millennials  to take career decisions and much more. So this time I wanted to hear it directly from the horses mouth, This is a tete-tete with a twenty year old with two months of work experience,his journey so far and his road [...]

5 02, 2018

College Days : Before and After the App Revolution

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Lets just start this story with a Once upon a time.... Once upon a time, not long time ago when we were college students there were no smartphones and no apps to make our lives easier.We thought our lives were already sorted; we knew where to eat, where to collect books, where to shop and party and any updates about anything happening in the college from tests, to events to examination timetables, were all word of mouth. Mostly from the mouths of [...]

30 01, 2018

In conversation with the head of Paytm- Build for India . Saurabh Jain

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When there's a will there's a way We live in a world full of stereotypes and judgements, anything that's not normal is usually not greeted. In a country full of engineers and doctors and other scholars we push our kids to do their best in what we think is best for them. Our education system is predesigned in a format that does not cater to every child. As a child, I loved History and Geography but Maths was not my favorite but [...]

25 01, 2018

The difference between google summer of code and google code in.

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  Google  has recently come up with various programs and certification courses to help developers learn better and also to let you demonstrate your proficiency and skill. With this wide range of programs it could get a little interesting , so we thought to chat up with someone who not just understands it well but also has been a huge part of it all. In conversation with Harshit Dwivedi - currently a product engineer and instructor at Coding blocks . Brewing [...]

19 01, 2018

Testing Times with Tarang Chokshi.

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Many complex software structures require in-depth analytical and technical skill to test the applications. Knowledge of programming languages is required for unit testing, scripting skill essential for Automation testing.I have spoken to a few people in this segment and they can't emphasise enough about the importance of software testing. Tester is a mid-man between developer and client, If he misses any defect while testing and that defect is caught by the client then he is responsible for every explanation why [...]

15 01, 2018

Sakshi Jain – Harvard College US-India Initiative Delegate .

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I am just like any other girl but I have the zeal to explore.  I have the courage to take up new endeavors. This attitude has helped me in achieving many of dreams. The world is becoming a much better place with the advance in technology and the role of women can never be overemphasized in the world growth today, women played important roles in Information technology sector, but the ratio of men compared to that of women in this [...]

5 01, 2018

The Google summer of code expericence by Vasudha Mathur.

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I have been always been fascinated with the mystic of tame machines that act like pets. What could be better than starting a new year with such an emotion. I wanted to start this year with an interview that was different from the others, one that changed mindsets and inspires people. Something that breaks the glass ceiling. In conversation with Vasudha Mathur, currently a final year student at Delhi Technological University. An avid gamer she would play video games with her brother [...]

23 12, 2017

From 8 people in a cafe to 4000 members now- The GDG Ahmedabad story.

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Paresh Mayani Dhrumil Shah The quest for knowledge is endless and all we can get from it is Gold.One such quest brought Dhrumil Shah and   Paresh Mayani together to form what we now call GDG - Ahmedabad. I had the opportunity to talk to Dhrumil Shah, one of the founding members of GDG - Ahmedabad. This is their journey. The Beginning: They say curiosity kills, in this case, I think it gave life to a whole new arena. [...]