Mridu Das & Chimay Baruah(Left to right)

Car Servicing stories have been nothing less than horror stories. You can hear them everywhere, the complaints ,the cribbing,etc etc ;so when you find someone who tries to bridge between this gap  you have to talk to him . In conversation with the founders of Automovill: Mridu Das &Chinmay Baruah.

It all happened when Mridu wanted to get his car serviced at one of the authorized service centers, one of the biggest issues here is that probably the servicing industry has not grown in tandem with the automobile industry.This is where the research began and also the birth of Automovill Technologies in 2015.

  • Whats the story behind Automovill?

I happened to visit the car workshop for my car services and figured out that the entire car servicing process needs to be streamlined. I started identifying the problem in detail and started taking friends’ cars to the workshops. Different workshops had different issues and I kept spending my time in the workshop for complete 6 months to understand and build a framework of quality parameters and knowledge awareness for the customers. I didn’t want to seek external funds at first, I wanted to establish this as a real problem and a viable solution for the same. My childhood friend, Chinmay, found potential in this service and shifted his base from US to India and we together brought Automovill’s existence.

  • Whats the Gap you’re trying to  bridge?

Quality service. Most of the local garages have skilled labors but they don’t have a proper monitoring process that makes these garages compromise on the quality.

Pricing transparency. Most people are not aware of the exact price of repairing or replacing a part or denting & painting.

Knowledge transmission. People are generally not aware of what happens once their car goes for service. Sometimes, they are told to replace the parts instead of repairing and this knowledge gap amounts a heavy bill to them.

Car Insurance. Most of the times people ignore and end up paying a lot while they could save on insurance.

Time spent on the entire service. Once a car gets stuck, the owner has to figure out his free time. While other workshops promise a free pickup and delivery, quite often the appointment process is not well executed.

Cars to Service center ratio. With time, the number of cars is increasing but the number of authorized centres is still the same.

  • Tell us about how Automovill work?
1. You can book the service online or call their helpline number.
2. Automovill’s representatives will call you and pick up your vehicle from your place at your convenient time.
3. You’ll receive constant updates on your car’s progress.
4. You can pay online after you’re satisfied with their service.
  • How have you been raising awareness about the same?

So far, we’ve been receiving customers through word of mouth and our existing customer base have become our brand ambassadors.

Ours is a primitive app as of now. We’re re-shaping our product and using technology to bring efficiency to the car service domain. We’ll soon be launching our app and will address the testing issues soon.


  • How do you test your app in such a way that you identify crashes and performance issues before it reaches customer’s hands?

With AppAchhi’s performance testing features, we are able to focus more in usability testing – quantify and evaluate how app performance co-relates with usability of the application.

  • What has been your biggest achievement as a company?

Without any external funding, running the company for last 2 years and expanding the company to 5 cities can be counted as one remarkable achievement for us. After validating the customer traction and satisfaction, we’re moving to the next phase where we’ve got the funding and focusing on expanding the team and operations.

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
Changing the automobile service domain completely with utmost customer satisfaction and ease at hand. We have covered 5 cities so far, and looking to establish across each state in India and going global gradually with technology intersection.
  •  Organisation Goals

About the organization and team, I can say that we’re building a remote teamwork culture. We’re constantly on the move and our team is building Automovill with complete flexibility and focus at the same time. We value productivity more than any defined office culture.