I call myself an exploratory tester.
If you give me an app to test
I would ask questions to assess the context –
and then if I really need to go ahead and test it –
I would understand my mission – the time –
the stakeholders to provide information –
the kind of information that needs to be given –
the impact of the information –
the value people expect

…after all this – I begin running tests.

All this while – I have been testing too
Questioning is a big part of testing
Running tests comes after questioning
Running tests itself is an art of questioning
I would run tests
I would use heuristics and oracles
I would use different techniques and approaches
I want to find important problems faster
I want to ferry this information as soon as I can
To the stakeholders who have been waiting to hear it
To the stakeholders who have been avoiding to hear it

I love testing
I love finding bugs
I hate things that come in the way of my testing and finding bugs
I want to do more testing and more bug finding
I think above all this is test coverage
I love to improve my test coverage
One of the ways is to run more tests

I want to run more tests
I want to improve my test coverage
I have the awareness of test coverage
A lot of testers don’t

It is the responsibility of those who know to help those who don’t know
I am a part of the team that envisioned and created Bug Ninja.

Bug Ninja is built as an Assistant to anyone who want to test
Anyone who wants to focus on testing
Anyone who knows the flows but don’t know to report
Anyone who wants to focus on finding bugs
Anyone who want to review their test session
Anyone who believes – if they have more time to run tests – they can find more bugs.

Anyone who wants focus.
Anyone who wants value.
Bug Ninja for you.