There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise.

This is one of my favourite quotes, not that I am a feminist but that statement makes me feel powerful.Not just me but a lot of women.In our country or maybe even globally we stereotype woman, put them in a pre fixed agenda and thats about it. Woman are seen as caretakers and you know what they are ‘Caretakers’ ; can take care of literally anything.

So what happens when a women in the house says”I will do the plumbing”, “I will fix the wires” – For some reason everyone is startled.
Well hold on tight to your chairs because I am going to introduce you to a 26 year old founder of an IT company in India. There you go …Booommm!!!

Meet Noopur Sharma , CEO &Founder of Ardroit Softwares.

How it all started:
This women in technology  worked as Lead Quality Analyst earlier, in a software company in Noida.Things were all hunky-dory for her. She was given around 15 projects to handle and it was going well. Yet destiny had other plans for as she decided to quit her job. With no job in hand and no plans at that moment Noopur was at home for a month.As luck would have it she got the opportunity to work on a project.  A Project that changed her life.
Kwikard- The dream project 
In 2015,Noopur was given the opportunity to work on kwikard, she made a team of her own and then there was no looking back. Kwikard was made elaborately by her team taking into consideration all the minute details.
“Our story begin when I met some people who were so passionate just like me to be in their own place”.
Kwikard is an app that allows you to create your own business card within seconds and exchange it with others. Kwikard isn’t limited till here it actually goes beyond your thoughts.
They also added features like video calling, broadcasts,creating events and webinars

This was the project that brought her a team”I started the company with few people just carrying a dream in my mind, we started working together on that. There were things that puzzled us but my team supported me a lot to stay there and work more hard. And now it has become a huge success to all of us.”

Future Endeavours:

Ardroit Softwares not only provide the app development services but also the end-to-end solution to create a unique mobile experience across multiple platforms, devices and OS versions, with continued support and maintenance to respond to your short-term and long-term needs.

Success Mantra: 

Take a challenge – A  challenge is what keeps her and her team going, they want to be challenged at every step to be better at their job and also keep things interesting.

I asked her what  it take to create a start up so young – She says ‘Belief’.

“What it takes to build a start up? Money? A brilliant idea? A dream? Yes all of these matters a lot. But to begin with your own startup needs a lot more than this. It actually takes your belief that there is significance to the problem being addressed and that the solution is something which fulfill every customers wants.”

We are in awe of such an attitude and wish her and the team good luck for all the future projects.

Would love to see more young woman as Founders of IT companies.