Mobile application development is a hot topic that’s about to reach the horizon. With a prediction of 6.1Billion smartphone users by 2020, there has been an overwhelming progress in the field for startups and enterprises in this sector. Yet just a few make it to the top few trusted ones. One of those who stood out in the crowd was ‘HummingWave Technologies’.

Top Award Winner

They have been listed in the CLUTCH ‘ TOP APP DEVELOPER LIST IN BENGALURU 2017. Bengaluru in itself is the Silicon Valley in India, that saw the advent of start-up cultures long time back. Standing out amidst all of the tech companies is commendable.

After 21 years of handling leadership positions in companies like Infosys, Mindtree and Emids Technologies Amit Singh co-founded HummingWave Technologies along with Sandeep Koul.

Today with an awe-inspiring list of clients like Nestle,Epoise,BCG etc Amit talk to me about the sheer complexity of the mobile device software itself, “Building software services, products and apps are not easy. Most are large, complex systems that need to be distilled and presented to users in a simple form.” That is exactly where they make the cut, they do the required analysis and definition – especially tuned to mobile aesthetics – very well.

For any entrepreneur in the software industry it extremely important to understand the device the talent that each device has and how to engineer each app into the device taking into consideration that these apps have their own constraints.Mobile phones have more capability than computers – with GPS, magnetometers, accelerometers, powerful cameras, etc. And yet they have constrained devices, with limited processing power, battery, memory, and connectivity to the internet.

“ Superficially it look easy to code mobile apps but they are really not easy to engineer”

How do you manage to be on the top developer list?

His response was awesome. Probably the two ‘T’s that have helped them to the Top are:


The credit goes to a team of engineers who are extremely skilled and understands exactly what a client requires. The end product needs to be perfect and that’s what they are. “Our apps are beautiful outside and well-engineered inside – Well architected, beautiful apps!” says Mr. Singh.


Testing is also done the old fashioned method, “A good diagnostic setup that reports back to our server. All crashes, slow performance and other metrics are logged and analyzed”

So now that they are out there in the 2017 Clutch List – is it easy to get busines? 

“While we are a top-notch, technology-centric custom software development organization, getting the word out to potential customers is something we always want to do more of. Much of our business comes from word-of-mouth when happy customers recommend us to others. We want to make that sales process more systematic and predictable.”
Being on the clutch list has most definitely helped them in terms of visibility and credibility, however consistency  and yet innovation is important if you want to remain in the top.

At AppAchhi we are delighted to discover that testing is one of the reasons why they are on top. Needless to say without a great team no company can scale. At AppAchhi – we wish them great growth and we wish to carry their next growth story soon.