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My name is Palme Biju. I am a marketing person at heart who also has a journalism background. Having worked for 4 - 5 years in an industry that creates Mobile Apps, CRM platforms ,ERP solutions, web designs etc I wanted to combine all that together. I am using this space to talk about start up companies that have made it big now, promoting entrepreneurs and their values. Technical methods used to deliver end products by various companies. I am reviewing a mobile applications here too. PS:Email me at palme@appachhi.com if you like to get published .
5 10, 2017

A developer in a start up: Goals

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All my stories so far have been of founders and ceo's who had a dream and with sheer perseverance they reached the point they are in right now.These dreams wouldn't have been possible if they didn't have the right team. This blog is for every individual in a team. Each member in a team has a story, a reason they are there. "One fine afternoon when I came back home from school, my father was waiting for me with a [...]

28 09, 2017

The sound of Musicmuni – An Indian musical app story.

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“I was caught bare handed by Music” Music is magic it makes you feel alive, and for some it is also the reason they are alive. This disciplined form of art has its own beauty that many crave to learn, to understand and to also get trained, however its only possible for a few lucky ones to get trained formally. Blame it on time constraints or lack of the right source.Luckily for us we live in an age where almost [...]

21 09, 2017

If your tired of mobile network providers, you need to tiktik.

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I recently travelled to my hometown after a really long time, its actually located at a remote area in Kerala . Everything was fine except for one thing , no network , no connection whatsoever.When I asked a few locales they told me things like “You see that banyan tree , you can get it there”My reaction was not that great but I headed there anyways . It looked like a call centre of its own kind,there were actually people [...]

29 08, 2017

An App for the students and by the students.

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College days are probably one of the most memorable days of anybodies life. The most important decisions of our life our taken at that period (what course to study ?Making friends for life,Where to party etc). An integral part of our curriculum was based on projects or lets just call it a way to spend a night at a friends place ,talking the entire night and just before dawn breaks we think about the actual reason for jamming at the [...]

25 08, 2017

Does the perfect testing tool exist ?

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Mobile Applications are sometimes like the perfect dish(here we go , the foodie in me talks again but hear me out). The perfect dish usually never has the right recipe, its all according to the person who makes the dish. This dish goes through a lot of processes till it becomes so perfect. So the maker adds her  ingredients and tests it all until she believes what works for her and the dish(this ingredient later becomes the ‘SECRET’ ingredient.) The [...]

12 08, 2017

“Where is the Parcel Sir” – Finally has an answer. Thank You Teliver .

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Have you seen the pizza delivery guy on the road , he rushes in the top most speed possible to reach you on time(How you secretly wish at times that he is few minutes late for that free pizza). He is still on time everytime. Arrives exactly at the 30th minute. So 'ta na na na na , no pizza aye free' . On demand, delivery can be really nerving wrecking at times . To ease out this process four [...]

14 07, 2017

Breaking Stereotypes:26 year old girl and the Founder of an IT firm in Noida.

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There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise. This is one of my favourite quotes, not that I am a feminist but that statement makes me feel powerful.Not just me but a lot of women.In our country or maybe even globally we stereotype woman, put them in a pre fixed agenda and thats about it. Woman are seen as caretakers and you know what they are 'Caretakers' ; can take care of literally anything. So what happens [...]

9 07, 2017

Developing a great app – Amal Raj from Headfitted Solutions says they have a solution.

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  Building mobile apps presents multiple challenges to developers that are comfortable with more traditional methods of creating applications. To address these issues, several vendors have rolled platforms for simplifying and accelerating mobile app development.I asked many of my developer friends their stories and this is what I have got as the top issues. These are the basic issues faced by many developers Development Time Resources Technology Changes Testing Issues (Dear Developers, we feel your pain !) At Headfitted India [...]

4 07, 2017

 ‘Always Think Ahead’ – Take notes if your going to start a software company.

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Last time we spoke about Mike’s incredible journey from IT to the online fish and meat delivery service,Read here . He said that his software company happens to be the breadwinner. The company that started in 2009 by three young boys from Loyola college has turned out to be a bigger company with three branches now 'Gem3s' is a  software development and services company that creates innovative, value-centric technology solutions Their clients comes from different sectors of the industry , right [...]

30 06, 2017

Should you give up? A powerful story of Michael Allwyn!

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I was talking to a friend of mine from Chennai yesterday, we spoke about Kids, GST, Home furnishing, Recipes, Mother in laws and all that and also about the article I was writing. The article about three Loyola college friends who started a company in Kasimedu, Chennai. This friend of mine instantly said “ Kasimedah" (typical Tamil style ), please be BFF with him, he can supply you some really fresh fish”. Mallu fish lover in me said “Noted”. This [...]