College days are probably one of the most memorable days of anybodies life. The most important decisions of our life our taken at that period (what course to study ?Making friends for life,Where to party etc). An integral part of our curriculum was based on projects or lets just call it a way to spend a night at a friends place ,talking the entire night and just before dawn breaks we think about the actual reason for jamming at the friends place. Every group project has that one person who actually does 99% of the work and that’s how the project is completed. Aww nostalgia.

What happens when one such college project is taken really seriously, a project that is delivered not just for the assessment purpose but for a bigger purpose.

Frapp the  brainchild of Armaan Vananchal happened like that and this is the Frapp story .

The birth of the Frapp Idea:

Frapp started as a business project in my final year BBA at NMIMS.
After the project, I took the idea to Karan Karnik and Niranjan Nakhate, my juniors and now co founders.
Though we tinkered with the idea quite a bit, we decided to move on, got jobs and gained some experience.
The idea never truly left us and we kept poking at it – as a tech revolution was booming around us – blackberry departed, WhatsApp blew up, food tech apps entered the market and the app revolution was really kicking off.
How did you start ?
We revisited our idea, tweaking it with a tech focus and were passionate about building a product for the large student demographic of India.
Eventually, we quit our jobs and moved in to an uncle’s basement to begin our work.

Couple of freshers,how did you manage from there? 

With no capital, no tech background and hardly any ‘startup’ experience, we fumbled about for a bit, but shaped our vision of what we wanted to build.
We launched a basic website in 2014 to test the concept and crossed 1000 students and 30 brand partners within a week of launch.
Post this, after working on the site for a bit, we decided to rework our product with Student Verification as a key and worked towards our app launch.

Frapp the app was born:

Frapp is India’s Largest digital platform for verified students to get exclusive access to students offers and deals as well as opportunities to intern, work and have fun!

We were lucky to have support from the TIE Bootcamp and then from Zone Startups.

In 2016 they raised a seed round of capital and grew from 5,000 users to our first 100k milestone of app users.
How Frapp helped the corporate guys?
Frapp has now started working closely with brands to help them achieve their youth marketing goals via the Frapp Platform.
  • We’ve been able to help brands target students in exciting and targeted ways, delivering a much better roi than tradition ‘campus marketing’.
  • A lot of our partner brands have ran multiple campaigns with us and these relationships have strengthened as we continue to grow.
We are proud of achieving a profitable model last month, without compromising on our marketing and user growth efforts.

 Today, Frapp works with 700+ brands and has over 350,000 registered students.

The app serves students in Mumbai, Pune,Bangalore,Hyderabad,Delhi and Chennai today and plus they are growing their presence to the other cities too.

Tech Side of the App

We test the app internally and also periodically hire app testers to test a basic checklist.
Post this, we roll the app out in Beta, using Google Play’s beta tester feature, wherein we have around 500 users who have signed up as beta testers.Most of the crashes are identified here after which we do a staged rollout wherein we roll the app out to 10-15% of our audience via Google Play and open it to 100% rollout after monitoring the performance.

Where Do you see yourself in Five years

They would like to be the brand that is ubiquitous with student life – adding value to students across different needs.
“We want to be the go-to app for any company’s youth marketing strategy and build our platform in a way in which we can expand to other geographies with ease “concludes Armaan.
We are in absolute awe of these guys, they believed in the idea and took a risk at a an age where most of us our still updating our resume. Its time a lot of us got inspired by this attitude and get out of the comfort zone.
Cheers to Frapp!!!