Last time we spoke about Mike’s incredible journey from IT to the online fish and meat delivery service,Read here . He said that his software company happens to be the breadwinner. The company that started in 2009 by three young boys from Loyola college has turned out to be a bigger company with three branches now

‘Gem3s’ is a  software development and services company that creates innovative, value-centric technology solutions Their clients comes from different sectors of the industry , right from aviation to healthcare.

They have helped in making quality mobile applications, websites,CMS,CRM etc for clients and have always got accolades for their work.


‘Always Think Ahead’ – They have stuck to this mission throughout their journey and have succeeded in it.

We at Appachhi were quite impressed at these guys, we interviewed them to understand more about their experience in the technical space.


These are excerpts from the interview conducted:

  •  There are hundreds of companies doing App Development Services – how are you unique ? 

As your question define there are hundreds of companies, being unique is really required and we try to do these things to differentiate us with the others.

1) Custom Tailoring

2) Focusing on our Customer’s Customer

3) Following the MVP Rule (Minimal Viable Product)

I guess these are the 3 things which we focus more and this really makes a big difference. Every company which exists today is because they have a wonderful customer support / client relation added to it we also follow this 3 simple rules to retain our customers and keep growing out customer base.​

  • Tell us about your experience in testing mobile apps and how you have been learning to test better?

​Testing is really a big challenge for companies like us, since we have limited testers with limited resources especially on App testing, we use Amazons Device Farm to over come the Resource shortage but again this is a night mare to run test cases in all of these devices manually and that is for sure not gonna happen. We follow slightly a different approach where we integrate together with our clients to learn the use case scenarios more and based on which our test cases are generated and this is usually for any app which we do for health care industries.

  • What kind of tests do you want to do for mobile apps but you are not finding the right kind of tools or platform to help you test it?

We are working on get an Health Checker service for apps which is not a one time testing instead a constant tester, Because with all these updates to the Operating Systems and 1000’s of new devices coming to the market, we love to find a way to automate this atleast sometime soon. We know a part of this is already done by your tool appachhi, learned it from the POST of Pradeep Soundarajan.  


  • Why do so many apps perform poor despite having plenty of testers and tools? 

There are many things which is see as a reason here, (This is subjected to my observations and experience)

  • Lot of clients who wants to role out the product / service do not give the same importance for development and branding to testing and there are development companies which does the same while developing an App.
  • Also one other issue what i see with clients and companies today is not sticking with an incremental model of development and testing and not sticking with MVP(Minimal Viable Product).

Thats about it  , you can get in touch with Mike  here.