I woke up at about 630 AM on a beautiful Monday morning in Bengaluru. Morning and coffee has become synonymous. My exercising is either in the morning or evening and I alternate. I love catching up with work on Monday morning and get the exercise towards evening. I have a lot of things to accomplish this week. That is how every week has been but how different is this week?

I see a list of pending things I have to push out of my laptop today. I understand their importance. One of them is a mind map. Another one – a document for publishing. I have review meetings today. Last week my teams have done something interesting plus they visited some of our new customers. They had some meetings with customers and I need to catch up with them to get the feedback and help them if necessary.

I make decisions everyday. That is my job. I have been thinking about a decision all of the last week. There are two things about decisions – taking it and communicating it. The decision is made and I have to communicate the same this week. I am hoping this particular decision is very interesting because it is to disrupt a direction in which we were headed. It can shock my team a bit but once they see the vision behind it – they would definitely love it. They love me for my decisions – so there is no way they are going to be disappointed with it. And my success as an entrepreneur is how well I communicate – my vision – to my team – to customers – to investors. That’s why I thought about it a whole week to tell a single sentence to my team. Ciao. Have a wonderful day.