Paresh Mayani

Dhrumil Shah

The quest for knowledge is endless and all we can get from it is Gold.One such quest brought Dhrumil Shah and   Paresh Mayani together to form what we now call GDG – Ahmedabad. I had the opportunity to talk to Dhrumil Shah, one of the founding members of GDG – Ahmedabad. This is their journey.

The Beginning:

They say curiosity kills, in this case, I think it gave life to a whole new arena. Back in 2011 when Shah was learning the basics of Android Development, his inquisitive nature pushed him to learn more about the same.

“I would attend various events and seminars, one such event gave me the oppurtunity to meet Paresh Mayani, we leant that we were both from Ahmedbad and wanted to do something in the simlar lines for Android Developers in Ahmedabad”

They both got together and spread the message across and at the beginning it was a humble group of 8 – 10 people who met up at a Cafe,this was in the year of 2011.

In 2012 however things took started looking up when Paresh went to a GDG Meet in Gandhinagar, an idea occurred. An idea thats now called GDG – Ahmedabad. Mr Mayani started this chapter along with Dhrumil Shah.

Tell us about GDG – Ahmedabad

Google Developers Group Ahmedabad (GDG Ahmedabad) is for developers who are interested in Google’s developer technology; everything from the Android, App Engine, and Google Chrome platforms, to product APIs like the Maps API,YouTube API and Google Calendar API.
We organise TechTalks, Hackathons, Tech Seminars around Google developers technologies and open-source to encourage knowledge sharing.

The Growth story 

Since 2012 when it first started, it has grown to current 4000 members. Dhrumil and his fellow organizers discuss how to create a meetup content strategy, find great speakers, and share community management knowledge among members. They are operating in a unique environment and have come up with clever ways to localize Google content in order to make it available to developers.

The first event had 50- 60 members for the event, that to the current number is quite an achievement. With every meet up there has been learning and improvement. The current facebook page has 11,000 likes.

What achievements are you proud of as an organizer?

The number of events that have happened since inception is amazing. We had targeted one event in two months and now we have one event every month.

To conclude all we can say is that this is a great initiative and the very best of luck .

You can join them on facebook here.