When I was done with my 12th I was on crossways about my career, I am sure most of us were. So when I meet a 12th grader who exactly knows what he wants to so, getting his work done,doing his research and has a very clear picture of what lies ahead, I am awestruck.

Vatsal Shah is a twelfth grader who developed a Motivational App that’s available on Google Play Store.

“At a young age I became my family’s fix my gadget guy and I have always been fascinated by technology, but until I was 15 I didn’t have access to the internet not because we couldn’t afford it but because my parents thought I would spoil my grades if I received it at an early age . As soon as I got access to the amazing world of internet, I started gaining knowledge regarding a bunch of different languages such as Java & Swift. I started my coding journey from Team Treehouse’s awesome tutorials from there I began to understand the logic of programming. Once I was well equipped with the knowledge of programming in Java, I began to learn Android Studio and I completed learning Android Studio in no time”

Maybe that’s the difference between us lot  and him.

What really enticed you into building technology:

For me, programmers and hackers were like gods dressed in hoodies since a very young age.

I thought that someday even I would carry the world in my laptop bag. I was very influenced by the depiction of Steve Jobs in the movie “Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine” and I was also inspired by shows like Silicon Valley and Movies like Social Networking, I have learned the functioning of tech industry from such entertainment mediums. I have learned that tech industry is just like life, full of ups and downs but the fun in it comes from small celebrations of success.

True that my friend.

His desire and passion in the same culminated in the making of his first App – Kinitro.

I started developing  Kinitro App as a way to test my coding skills but then as I progressed I got newer and better ideas to optimize my app and in the end, I pivoted to something I never thought I would build.

I began testing my app in emulators then I went on to test my app on my personal devices but I wasn’t quite satisfied by the results so I tried App Acchi which gave me the score of my app along with a few screenshots which showed me how my app looked in different devices and how should I improve my app.

Shah is also very passionate about Entrepreneurship and has spent a lot of time studying and reading about the same in books, apps, and Youtube videos. The main aim of such kind of material is to motivate you and teach you various ways to improve yourself.

“I wanted to share such resources of motivation with other people around the gold and that’s how Kinitro was born.”

For a matter of fact, the word Kinitro is greek for Motivation. I am sure he himself is a big Kinitro to many. We wish you all the luck.